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  1. Ok thanks guys I might only be doing 1 race this winter in February
  2. I was wondering if I could do if in my 55gL barrel I use
  3. I was wonder I had the idea of when in running the winter arenacross that I can still take my water jugs and clean my bikes if I add a little bit of alcohol to each jug but idk if that's safe for the bike?
  4. Zmcracing46

    Never wet on dirtbikes and gear?

    yea I hate the cloudy but maybe spray on the under side of fenders and skid plate??
  5. Zmcracing46

    Never wet on dirtbikes and gear?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmMGv8A4QvE they say in here it repells mud
  6. Zmcracing46

    Never wet on dirtbikes and gear?

    I would be worried if you put it on grips and the seat they will get slippery?
  7. ive been looking at this new never wet paint and they have a normal paint and fabric paint. is this gona be the new thing? will it work for your bike so u never have to clean it and if its a muddy race your bike doesn't weigh 100 extra pounds from mud? can u spray you boots and gear and helmet and during a mud race come off the track and be 100% clean??? anyone have any opinions on this??? seems like a perfect idea
  8. Zmcracing46

    crf 230 build

    if u can get that plastic to fit up and look even itll be pretty sick
  9. hello I was wondering if anyone knows some easy ways to liven up a brand new 2009 crf230l and I was also wondering if anyone knew where I could get a black plastic kit or even buy the factory plastic off the crf230m. I want the bike to be black Thanks
  10. Zmcracing46

    Kawasaki KX250F (2009)


    this bike is awesome. just at times I wish it was FI
  11. Zmcracing46

    Kawasaki KX250F 2009

    this bike is awesome. just at times I wish it was FI
  12. Zmcracing46

    T.M. Designworks Chain Guide

    great durable guide
  13. Zmcracing46

    Motion Pro Throttle Tube

    great cheap replacement for a cracked tube
  14. Zmcracing46

    Renthal Final Drive Kit

    great kit
  15. Zmcracing46

    Works Connection EZ Holeshot

    works perfect