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  1. KJ55

    300exc or 350-500 4 stroke?

    I'd stick with a 2 stroke since that's what you're familiar with. With that said, I don't think you really need a 300. I haven't ridden a 150sx, but I've ridden a husqvarna WR125 with a 144 kit. The jump from that WR125 to an EXC200 was huge. Way more power down low than the 144. If I were you I'd look for for a 200 or 250 EXC/XC.
  2. KJ55

    Getting high in Denver!

    Are you using a gopro? If you are, then maybe you should try recording in 720p with 60fps. It may help the quality. Nice riding by the way .
  3. KJ55

    The Best 300cc 2-Stroke?

    Probably KTM because they are so established in the north east (Gasgas' and Husqvarnas are almost non existent). I would love to try a TM, but with KTM I know i can get plenty of info and parts. I also live 20 minutes from an awesome KTM deal (cliff's cycles). Even if there were some GG's around, they would be too small for me.
  4. 25 bids with 9 days to go? 20k could be possible...
  5. KJ55

    No one to ride with!

    A lot of people use the regional section on TT to organize rides.
  6. KJ55

    GoPro Hero 3 talk!

    I imagine uploading anything bigger then 1080p would require a pc with a 3.0+ ghz processor. 720 in 60-120fps should be all that you need. My pc can easily handle 1080p but the upload time and file size is annoying. An improvement in battery life would be awesome though.
  7. KJ55

    Enduro crash

    That was nasty. Did your Rim/forks/spokes get damaged?
  8. KJ55

    Extinctinction of the youth...

    In my class of 200 there isn't a single person .
  9. KJ55

    Question for new england riders.

    From what I understand there is almost no riding in VT. You seem to be close to NY. Maybe register there? http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/new_york_list.htm
  10. I have mine upside down under my visor using a flat sticky mount and it works great. To do this you adjust your visor all the way up and see if the curved or sticky mount fits in the best. I would recommend putting the mount as far forward on the visor as possible. If you tuck it too far in, it limits the adjustability of the camera angle. This angle allows you to get a good view of the trail but also shows the front fender and part of the handlebars. Here is a video of the under-visor mount (not my video): http://vimeo.com/27665515
  11. KJ55

    ttr125 knocking badly

    Did you check the oil?
  12. It depends on the bike. Like dhdrider said, big 2 strokes that can be ridden at low RPMs like a KTM EXC/XCW 300 will go a long time on top ends. Small bore racing bikes, such as a 125 2 stroke, will require more frequent engine work because they will need to be ran at higher RPMs in order to make power.
  13. KJ55

    Good casual riding boots

    You really don't want to by cheapo boots. Gives us the specific amount that you are willing to spend.
  14. It will be fine. Just watch the bead closely all the way around on both sides. I had a tire even worse so i just kept inflating and deflating it until it went on evenly.