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  1. kylechris

    Kick Starter RM 250 90-06

    If anyone has a kick starter for sale, please PM me.. Has to have good SPLINES....I believe form 90-2006 will work as long as it's from a RM 250...Thanks Troy...
  2. kylechris

    DHI Triple Clamp

    Check out my YZ 250 DH1 Blue Triple Calmp, in Yamaha Classified. Had it on my 2005 will fit 05 and up. Sold the bike and it's in Ex. condition all hardware..Good deal @ 100 bucks...u pay shipping...Guys it's a good deal...Troy.... tkenney@placer.ca.gov or PM...
  3. kylechris

    Gas Tanks

    What's a good tank for an 01 CR 250 set up for woods Clarke or IMS???? Thanks
  4. kylechris

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Johnny don't listen to those a_ _ wipes. The majority of us here at TT enjoy the picks, those idiots are jealous and probably never had a woman, at least not one as fine as she is.....They have nothing better to do than made rude comments, FRIGGIN BOZZOS....Anyway I enjoy the pics and my hat goes off to YOU and YOURS, LATER.......TK
  5. kylechris


    Hey tritip pm me I'm looking for bars...Thanks.....
  6. kylechris

    DRZ 250 Stock muffler NEEDED will pay

    I have the entire sytem from the head to the tail pipe. I took it off and put a Yosh full system on last year...Let me know if you want it.....I'm in Ca. just above Sacramento.....
  7. kylechris

    Help making a DR-Z 250 race ready

    Moose I sent you a PM....
  8. kylechris

    Jetting Questions......

    K&N does make an air filter (it's new) for the DRZ 250 the part # is SU2501 and I just put one on my 03.............
  9. kylechris


    Mitch with my set up the fuel mixture screw is suppose to be turned out 2.5-3.5 turns. I have a Yosh Comp pipe full system,air box mod and I'm getting ready to have the DynoJet kit installed #3115. I'm gonna have the shop do it. Pipe was simple to install and Air box mod was also easy to do. The jet kit comes with different jets (stock exhaust/modifeied etc.) for your riding altitude. I'll let you know after I get the kit installed. Also K&N just came out with an an filter #SU-2501,I ordered one little pricey but what the heck, should make a little difference.......
  10. kylechris


    Check out DynoJet's web page if they have a jet kit for your bike it will show a picture of the carb and a diagram of the the needle and jets and fuel screw.
  11. kylechris

    Clearing sky tonight - Mammoth bar tomorrow! 1/15

    Bob, I'll look for you my truck is a 98 Chevy 4x4 it's gray and I have an 03 drz 250 my buddy has a XR400.....We'll be there about 12:00, hopefully it won't be to crowded....See ya on the MTN....