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  1. I stored my bike for 4 weeks and when i wanted to start it last saterday i noticed there wasn't any compression. I could kick right down without using the decompression lever. I panicked and thought there was something really wrong so i checked the valve clearance but that was ok, also the decompression mechanism was working well. I put it all back together and kicked a few times and feld that compression was coming back bit by bit, i started the bike and let it idle run for a few seconds then again i checked the kick and everything was back normal. Is it possible that this got something to do with oil that has run down or should i really start worrying. I've ridden the bike sunday for about 100miles and everything was back to normal. Please advise. It's a WR400F 2000
  2. jaffie

    WR400 versus WR450

    I have a 01 WR400 with all modifications done like engine and exhaust but i always go riding with friends who own a KTM520 and a HUSQ570 as you can imagine i'm short of power to keep up with them, what about the new 450? Is it competitive against ktm520 what about the power difference with a wr400? Please help me cause i'm about to order a new wr450, ktm is no option cause there too expensive
  3. jaffie

    Oil seal

    Can anyone tell me how i change the oil seal thats behind the little chain sprocket on the engine? I noticed some oil leaking on my chain so i think it's up for replacement.
  4. jaffie


    Help, I've crashed last sunday real hard and my bike fell after making 2 flips in the air on a tree. Result, radiator total loss. Now, back from the hospital (shoulder broken) i rang at my dealer for a new one but help he said it cost about 3500$ (for one half). Did anyone had the same problem and what did you do, besides spend a lot of money.
  5. jaffie

    Help wanted front fork

    Can anyone tell me how much oil that i have to put in a front fork. I just changed the oil seal and my dealer told me that it contained about 1liter of oil. I've done exactly what the manual said and i do have to say it's pretty easy but i filled the oil and when it was at level i saw that i used about 0.3l. So now i'm worried that i might done something wrong.
  6. jaffie

    Front fork-seal

    Did anyone changed the front fork oil seal themselves? Is it a heard thing to do? Do you need any special tools or greases? How much oil does it contain? How does it happen that one oil seal leaks from one day at another very heard and on the dust seal is nothing to see. I have a 00WR400F YZ timed.
  7. jaffie

    Electric shock

    Can anyone help me. When i shut down my bike (00 WR400, YZ-timed)in wet or moisty conditions, i get a really hard electric shock. I've already checked the electric wiring but i can't see any defects. I'm getting scared to touch the red button.
  8. jaffie


    Can anyone tell me what the specifications are from the blue paint on my stock wr400f00. R.A.L. nr?
  9. jaffie


    Can anybody tell me what RAL number the paint on my stock WR400f 00 is? I can't find it in the manual.
  10. jaffie

    Brake disc

    Since i took away the sharp edges of every hole on the rear brake disc, my brakes seems to last forever. Before, two sunday rides and they were gone.
  11. jaffie


    I don't know how you guys do it. I just changed my gearing to 15/52 (before 14/52) cause i thought my wheel always spins to much. Never the less NO RESULT. First and second gear lifts pretty easaly but in higher gears i don't seem to manage to lift it. WR400 00, YZ timed, Laser silencer
  12. jaffie

    Changing gears

    Can anybody tell me if it can damage the gearbox when i shift gears without using the clutch. If so how do you guys do it standing up and use the clutch and shift gear.
  13. jaffie

    Laser exhaust pipe

    Does anyone ride with a LASER exhaust pipe, cause i'm thinking of bying it a second hand. I'm a bit worried of the large hole it has, i hope it doesn't damage my 00 WR400F. Any information is welcom.
  14. jaffie


    Did anyone ride with 13/50 gear? How does it feel, do you have to switch gear too often? I'm going to do this cause it's a cheap way of gaining more power at low rpm. I've just got a stock 00 WR400 but i'm gonna save some money first to buy a new exhaust so...
  15. jaffie


    Hello, i just bought my bike (second hand)wr400, 2000, a few weeks ago. When i try to perform a wheely i seem only to manage that in first and second gear. My sprockets are 14 to 50, should i change these to gain more power at low rpm? It is still in the original state, so maybe someone can give me some tips to easaly gain power.