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  1. 563ripper

    is this light setup ok?

  2. 563ripper

    is this light setup ok?

    hey guys my dads doing a 24 hour woods race soon and i want to hear your guys opinions on my headlight set up. he has a 2014 fc450 i have a 7 inch led light bar piggybacking off the main battery with an on off switch. is this an acceptable way to run a headlight on his bike i tested the battery and at idle and all the way up to redline it stays at a constant 14 volt. or will this somehow hurt his bike? heres a video of my setup.. thank you
  3. 563ripper

    Why is financing a dirt bike so bad?

    Just because you finance something doesn't mean you don't have the money for it.
  4. 563ripper

    Can rev bombing hurt your bike?

    That kawi was also a casting flaw in the piston that kawasaki later fixed. But no one wants to hear that do they
  5. 563ripper

    Can rev bombing hurt your bike?

    Do what you want. It's your bike. Your not gonna kill a crf230
  6. 563ripper

    Learning to work on bikes and atvs

    Starting with a 4 stroke is a better idea. There not that much harder and if you do that first you get the hardest one out of the way
  7. 563ripper

    Is this a good idea?

    Ride the rm and see if it's too powerful for you
  8. 563ripper

    Looking for mid range MX boots

    Find some used fox instincts
  9. 563ripper

    no clue cr125r

    Sounds like it needs piston and rings
  10. Should be a plate on the other side with 3 bolts. Check is the bolt in the middle of that plate is loose that bolt holds that peice on
  11. 563ripper

    How risky is it to ride with this?

    Get a little drunk with the grinder in your hand?
  12. 563ripper

    125cc Pitbike gearing

    Some china engines have all down gears
  13. 563ripper

    Any tips to keep graphics sticking on plastics?

    If therw Shitty graphics they won't stick. Put ebay graphics on my dad's pit bike. Has one race on it and it there peeling and torn up already
  14. 563ripper

    Fake ASV levers

    The brand new asv lever and perch on my dad's bike has so much up and down play it almost feels like a knock off asv lmao. I do agree it's very annoying when they rattle around
  15. 563ripper

    What's better