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    HIP armor for riding shorts....

    Awesome feedback! Now which one to choose lol!

    HIP armor for riding shorts....

    Awesome! any other suggestions before I go ahead with this one?
  3. Hi all, I'm using MSR shorts while riding and they don't have any padding at all on the hips or upper leg portion. I've had two lazy falls recently and both times I got hurt on the hip and upper leg region. Im looking for some armor or protection and can't seem to find anything. So far all I've seen is some under garments with very very thin padding and I don't think this would help much. I've even looked at hockey gear (too bulky and does not breathe) and football padding...no good. Any advice is appreciated, please post link to a product if you have a suggestion

    Oil changes? How often, really?

    How much does this change when running FULL SYNTHETIC vs regular oil??

    Do you miss your 2 Stroke ????

    So are 2 strokes officially dead? I know yamaha has a 2011 yz250 set to be released. But this model ('10) thus far seems to be relatively unchanged through out the past few years. Seems like they're not about to put more $$ into R&D. I hope 2 strokes make a comeback...

    Do you miss your 2 Stroke ????

    All you 2t's out there, have you switched back to 2t from 4t or visa versa. Wondering if its just me missing the big hit up top.
  7. Hi All, I'm a new member who purchased a '07 YZ450 two months ago and love it! I've been out of the game for the past 10+ years and use to ride a KX125. I have to say, i love the power I have on tap with the 4 stroke but I do miss that 2 stroke powerband hit! How do you feel after switching over to the 4 stroke? Do you miss or will you go back to a 2 stroke?? What are the chances that they will continue to make 2 strokes?? ie. 2011 yz250....last year of production?