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  1. So the length of the bed does not include the tail gate down? I know that may sound incredibly stupid but I know next to nothing about trucks
  2. I'm looking into buying a small truck to haul my bikes. However i'm concered that the bed length won't be enough to easily put my YZ250F(measuring at about 7ft long), Are there any trucks long enough? Would i be able to close the bed? Thanks
  3. Title pretty much says everything. How often do you change your oil, clean the air filter, change out the fluids, etc. I clean the air filter every 2-3 rides and change the oil every 3-4. I hardly even get my bike in the top range and tend to just cruise through the trails so i'm pretty relaxed about maintenance. 4 years later, still starts first kick.
  4. Jeez created this thread 3 years ago and left. I come back and it's the most viewed thread in this subforum.
  5. At your size, you would want a full size bike. 4 strokes have improved vastly these last few years, but a 2 stroke will be more cost effective and easier on your wallet. If your set on a 4stroke i would say buy a trail 250f. As for noise reduction, an FMF Q4 will serve you well.
  6. Any MX bike will pop a wheelie without much effort. My 250f pulls em in 5th gear without clutch. Some trail bikes can as well depending on how powerful they are.
  7. 1: Do you have experience jetting carbs? If so, then there is nothing wrong with carb. 2:Any 450 will rip, find the best deal and the best condition. 3: All years had there problems and advantages, the most solid package in my opinion are the 08- and up yz450fs.
  8. http://danville.craigslist.org/mcy/2140370443.html http://roanoke.craigslist.org/mcy/2154785626.html Hard to find clean bikes in that area.
  9. I've looked through the manual and I see no section explaining how to drain it.Can anyone run me through the procedure? Also: Would it even be worth draining? It's been sitting since late november and i plan on riding in april.(4 months)
  10. I recently put my YZ250f away for about 2 or 3 months with a full tank. In that time, could the gas have gone bad?
  11. Is it true that your bike must be 94db or lower to race? It doens't seem like many exhaust for Racing could meet those standards...
  12. I'm having trouble hitting steep lips on some jumps where we ride. The jumps are tiny. I come at them usually in 2nd, but when i go off them my front end falls. i keep the throttle consistent in the air. Any help?
  13. So who out there owns they're owns enough land to ride on? How much did it cost you? I'd love to own enough land for riding, but that's just not in the cards right now.
  14. I'm having trouble shifting while standing up and someone recommended that I adjust the shifter. I've looked through my bike's manual and it says nothing. Thanks for any help.
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