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  1. CodyWayne718

    2016 250X

    I was gonna say, tell them I'll take one too!
  2. CodyWayne718

    2016 250X

    Out the door?
  3. CodyWayne718

    2016 YZ250X

  4. CodyWayne718

    2016 250X

  5. CodyWayne718

    2016 250X

    thread on here somewhere that a couple people have
  6. CodyWayne718

    2016 YZ250X

    I'm upset it doesn't have a heavier fww, just sayin
  7. CodyWayne718

    2016 YZ250X

  8. CodyWayne718

    Yz250x or wr450

    Kind of worried about the wr feeling under powered compared to what I trail rode before. Idk what I want! Lol
  9. CodyWayne718

    Yz250x or wr450

    I was talking about another 450. Never had a two stroke bike. May have to try it out. I just hate not knowing if you'll regret something Lol
  10. CodyWayne718

    Yz250x or wr450

    I turned my 2010 yz450f into a woods weapon and loved it to death! Had to sell all my toys and whatnot. Now looking to get back into it. Really wanting to try the two bikes mentioned in the title but who knows might talk myself into making another mx'er into what I want Lol
  11. CodyWayne718

    00 yz250

    She's either locked up, back brakes locked up or bearings in the wheel are locked. Start at the back and work your way to the motor! Good luck
  12. CodyWayne718

    How to lower bike.

    Weird! I was just looking into this for my 2010. I don't mind how tall the bike is but after sitting on my buddies 300 xcw it'd be nice to have it a little lower!
  13. CodyWayne718

    Knots on the rump!

    Fixed it!
  14. CodyWayne718

    Knots on the rump!

    I have a stick of antiperspirant for that. These knots were from the hard ass seat. I walk pretty much for a living, I've tried baby powder, monkey butt powder, all sorts of gold bond and hard telling what else to try and keep from getting galled. Nothing compares to a stick of degree rubbed between the ol cheeks! Trust me
  15. CodyWayne718

    Soft seat

    I ordered their foam even though shipping made me not want to.