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  1. va3mod

    CMA Hare Scrambles

    Any one from here make it to Barrie. I did, I thought I did good but was a little dispointed when the results were posted. I need to learn how to pass in the single track and get faster in teh tight stuff., I am not fastest enough in the wide stuff. So many times I would get passed on wide stuff only to catch up to the guy in the tight stuff. Drive me nuts when I know if I could get buy them in teh single track I could smokem' I just love when you are blasting through the woods and you come up on a pile of riders tangled up waiting for a downed rider and blow by them. Any one hear about the downed rider in the morning race? Looked like he cleaned the bark off that tree pretty good. #710, Novice A
  2. va3mod

    What Size Spoke Wrench?

    Thanks every one! It is a 5.8mm
  3. va3mod

    What Size Spoke Wrench?

    nope! It is either a 5.6 or a 6.0 though.
  4. Can any one tell me the correct spoke wrench size for the 230? Is the front and back the same? Thank you!
  5. va3mod

    Steering Head

    Yes, it is the stem adjustment nut. I went to the dealer to buy the tool. It was almost $100 (CND) !!! Forget it! The people at the service desk told me just to use a punch and hammer to work on it unless I cam make one my self.
  6. Well the bike is put away for the winter and I thought I should do some maintenance on it. I am going to grease the steering head bearings. Has any one done this, any advise? Do I need the special tool for the set bolt or can I just use a flat screw driver? Thanks!
  7. va3mod

    GPS wiring question

    What I did was open up the cigarette lighter adapter, remove the board, throw away the plastic case. I soldered on a 2 prong auto plug and put it a balloon so it was water tight. The I wired it directly to the battery with a fuse. I did this after my 12v cigarette lighter adapter got wet and shorted out.
  8. va3mod

    Black plastic ....pix please

    Just go all black!
  9. va3mod

    Handlebar Clamp Measurement

    I put a set of the risers on my girlfriends bike. It took maybe 10 minutes. The bike is much more comfortable to ride, specially while standing. Yes, the 32mm are the correct ones, as it says on the web site. The risers comes with all the bolts you need. The shipping was fast and easy, I highly recommend this product! Buy these now!
  10. Bringing this one up from the bottom. I just put a set of Andy's bar risers on my girlfriend's 230. They were really easy to put on, to all of 10 minutes. These are nice because they move the bars up as well as forward. Bar Riser
  11. va3mod

    KTM Seats???

    I rode a bubbies 450 and he had a GUTS seat on it. It was so nice I didn't stand up the whole time I was riding his bike.
  12. va3mod

    Toast Made Some Mods

    Were you able to use the stock cables?
  13. va3mod

    Shop Manual anyone???

    Do they even make a CD? I asked for one but was told they only have a manual (book) I have the book.
  14. I put my girlfriend on a CRF230 as her first bike. She had never ridden before and she is doing fine. I think she is 5'9" around 130lbs?