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  1. Anthony Good

    How many hours out of a 2010-2014 KTM 250Sx?

    I agree with Loving offroad pain, I rebuilt my 2012 300 XCW at 120 hr and I always use KTM parts, I replaced piston, rings, wrist pin and keepers. Buy the piston keepers from Slavens Racing, he has a special set that are so much easier to install. My rings didn't even have a sharp edge on them and everything looked good, make sure you use quality two stroke oil, Motorex and Silkolene are a couple I have had good results with mixing at 50:1
  2. Anthony Good

    When its cold are you suppose to run your bike richer

    I usually go up one size on the main, depending on how cold of temps your riding in, usually one size will do, because whens it's below 30 degrees I try to ride in the tighter stuff to stay warm and then I'm not on the gas as hard too.
  3. Anthony Good

    Yamaha Sc500 No Spark

    On my 1975 YZ 125 I had a problem with my coil, my boss said he had a similar problem, he took an old piece of metal, shaped it to fit over the coil using the same two screws holding the coil and it fired right up weird, but it worked.
  4. Anthony Good

    Recent buyers of '13 250-300's

    Well I know you guys said 13-14s and I have a 12, as for myself I ride in a lot of rocks, I had a Kevlar guard on my first 300, it was tough at first, in fact it pushed the back of my pipe in and it broke the pipe loose at the silencer and eventually it fell apart from being pounded by rocks, since then I have used an Enduro Engineering pipe guard and skid plate with Bullet Proof radiator guards, Fastway hand guards, Flex bars, Scotts steering damper, FMF fatty with the Q silencer. I put just over 2000 miles on it the first year and only 1300 this year so far, but the year is not over.
  5. Does anyone know if the cases of the 03-04 have the same mount points and swingarm pivot as the 2012-13, I would like to put the 380 motor in 2012 300XCW frame. I know this is going to be an even crazy question but, will the crank assembly out of the 03-03 380 fit in the 2011-13 cases and the cylinder fit on the 11-13 cases.
  6. Anthony Good

    Setting up an 06' 300 XC-W for a cold, dark winter

    I live in Gillette, Wy and I use Trelleborg studded tires, they work great unless the snow gets really deep and crusty, up to about a 1ft to 1 1/2ft, they are like riding in dirt. The main thing I have found is keep the wind off your hands, I have made all kinds of cheap guards, everything from antifreeze jugs to coffee cans, because I ride in tight woods and it tears the crap out of them. I use the Trail Tech light X2 model with the 100watt coil ( I ride a 2012 KTM 300XCW ) with the LED helmet lights, it's like riding in day light. The coldest temp I have ridden in was 14 degrees and that was to cold for me, yes I'm getting to be a sissy at 55, I like to ride at around 30 degrees. Enjoy your ride, I know I do!