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  1. Motosport.com Full rebuild, top and bottom end gaskets and everything else 374.99 - 399.99 If you think thats bad try and rebuild a 4t.
  2. _nothing_

    05 rm125

    I'm tinkering with my pea shooter, and I wanted to see if you guys had input on my set-up. 05 rm125 BONE STOCK fresh top end and nickelseal. (spelling?) first off, I'm not installing a big bore on this bike . I ordered a Phathead cylinder head for it with 13:1 and 14:1 domes. I'm also going to do a little port cleanup. I was curious if anyone had advice on plug selection for the 14:1, I will be running c12 so no worries about the deto. I'm looking for more of a hit in the midrange that will still rev out. Any poimters on the port work? and what do you guys run for a pipe on these things, I always look at the fmf pipes but didnt know if bills or another small company offered anything that was better.
  3. _nothing_


    On the bottom or top of the spring, or both? Just curious where the best place to put these bad boys
  4. _nothing_


    *47MM SHOWAS* Received my Eibach fork springs today, in the package it came with four spacers. Do i need these spacers for any reason? what are they for?
  5. _nothing_

    2 stroker recommendation

    Get a ktm 85 sx or a yz 85 wayy too much fun!
  6. My bike shifts pretty stiff into first, and my trans in gorgeous inside. The wet plate clutch system will always drag to a certain extent, so in turn; the trans is pretty much always spinning when the bike is running. engaging the clutch only takes the load off of the trans just like letting off of the accelerator. example, when your down shifting coming into a corner you should never touch the clutch because there is no load on the trans, the trans really wouldn't know the difference if you pulled in the clutch or not.
  7. Its normal and it doesn't hurt the trans at all. I've shifted my 08 for over a year now without ever using the clutch really these trannys are tough and are nothing like your average automotive trans. you can file the tangs of the basket smooth and and achieve a smooth release, but you'll run into the same problem so just keep an eye on it if you do. Cheers! _nothing_
  8. _nothing_

    pala pro track fast lap

    SICK. Looking good out there.
  9. HAHAHAHAHA. epic. i wont ruin it for anyone else.
  10. _nothing_

    Getting Nailed in the head by my own front wheel

    Man, looks like a good hard day in the trails! well done.
  11. AWWW MANNN. C*%k tease.
  12. Its normal to pop into gear, however the lurching not being able to feather the clutch sounds like the basket could possibly be grooved. check it out and let us know. the clutch cover is on the passenger side. its a round cover held on by 8mm bolts. turn the gas off, and lay the bike on its side with the left grip elevated on a stand off of the bar stop. pull the cover off and check the basket tangs for any grooving you'll know what i mean when you get in there. the reason you have to lay it on its side is so all the trans oil doesn't dump all over you and the floor.
  13. _nothing_

    250r hard starting and backfiring!

    Only four things that make your motor run. proper air/fuel mixture, compression, timing, and spark. check the obvious first, spark. start down the list and let us know what you find. Also check your main jet to see if its clogged. I've had my bike do similar things to me one day and it just ended up being a main jet clog.