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  2. bamer9

    How much better is the 06'

    Ive ridden both (brand new stock) and they feel exactly the same ! If you want to spend $$, put it into bling for your 05
  3. bamer9

    Boots You wear ( Improved)

    I just want everyone to know how easy it is to replace the TECH 10 inserts. It took me about an hour, but they turned out great and it only cost $20 . I have ridden them 6 times and still perfect, unlike other sandwich construction boots that I have tried. I love my tech10's.
  4. bamer9


    Toronto was the best damn raced i have seen in a long, long time. RC will not give up, but he definitly has his work cut out for him as Bubba is looking mighty smooth..
  5. bamer9

    Argyl MX track - Sunday 10/16

    Ill be there at 10am for the first time, I hope its fun !
  6. bamer9

    Norcal tracks

    Marysville E-Street track Best track ever best dirt (loamy), watered every 40 minutes, good jumps, shaded parking under bridge, great people !!! Go ride this place
  7. What is the correct measurements in cc's for the engine and transmission oils on a 2005 ?
  8. bamer9

    headshake on jump landings

    get on the gas as soon as you land
  9. bamer9

    YZ250 Case Cracked

    all hail jb weld
  10. bamer9

    Arm Pump????

    try a couple of tums tablets, the calcium in tums is supposed to help. It could be mental but when I take it I dont get armpump. try it out and let me know if it works for you.
  11. bamer9

    Cahuilla MX Park

    Cahuilla is very rough but the dirt is insane. soften your suspension!!
  12. bamer9

    Maxxis IT + FLY HD Tube = rage

    good choice on the maxxis IT. it last the longest and has great trackability. you will be buying that tire again.