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  1. Low seat height. Bolt together steel frame, Crap forks and worse shocks. Not a Dual Sport? Pffft...... Ive put everyone from beginners to experienced riders on this bike. Its mild enough for a beginner but can be wrung out to the limits of its suspension by an experienced rider. They all come back with a smile and it just runs and runs.
  2. teampiney

    MCI Dual Sport Postponed !

    Grew up about 2 miles from that pit. Back in the late 70s early 80s there was a couple different tracks in that pit, before it was being mined regularly. You would go back there on the weekend and there would be a hundred or so people camping out and riding just having a blast. On holiday weekends many more. License plates from all over the Northeast. The front track used to be brutal with bike swallowing whoops. The pros would come out there preseason and just pound out the laps. Said if they could run hard on that track for the half hour, they would be good for any track on the schedule. Of course some folks getting hurt over the years as well. The back track was a little more mellow and not quite as whooped. Early 90s, took a friends brand new KLR across the whoops out in the back and had it swapping back and forth so bad, thought I was gonna die. Some awesome memories. Then of course there was the high school aged pit parties. This was our teenage hangout. Learning how to drink and how not to drink. Walking in bon fires, general stupidity. Good place to go watch the submarine races too. LOL Buddy of mine came out of there all tore up one night and floored his big old Ford LTD with the big block, rear end broke loose and caught that pole right across the street from the entrance. OOPS ( How "not" to drink) Watching a friend hitting this big jump a couple times, huge air and an impressive jump. Got cocky and tried to do it one time to many. Last jump he nosed it over and landed flat on his face in the dirt. The bike also following his lead landed upside down as well. Perfectly down his spine with the seat and the rear fender off his head. Bike continued along with a brutal bounce after drilling him into the ground like a carton steam roller. Luckily he broke no bones. But he got up very slow and was an awesome shade of purple for a few days. LOL
  3. teampiney

    Workshop Ideas for BRP

    Item in my garage I find I cant do without is a table bike lift. Multiple bikes it comes in handy. Wish I didn't wait as long as I did to get one. Rolls out of the way when not in use. Gets used for everything. Lawnmower, snowblower, and anything else I'm tearing apart. Used as a variable level project table. Hell sometimes I even have lunch on it. Bike put up for the winter. Put it on table and roll it off to the side and its up and out of the way.
  4. teampiney

    Anyone who rides a off road vehicle PLEASE read

    Was able to do a second survey from my phone.
  5. teampiney

    Worst Case...Riding on State/Private Property

    One thing to remember is NJ did away with the rangers and replaced them with park police on the state forest property. They are basically state troopers. If you do encounter them be respectful. They now carry sidearm which the rangers never did and they do not take to well to smartass comments. Being polite goes a long way. Of course this is only in the state parks, locals are another story.
  6. teampiney

    MCI Dual Sport Postponed !

    While that run looked like a disaster. You may have inspired me to go run it with my old CR. That pit is right around the corner. Never attended the Hare Scramble but I could tell ya some stories of that pits hayday.
  7. teampiney

    MCI Dual Sport Postponed !

    Good call
  8. teampiney

    Insane whiskey throttle mx crash at Englishtown mx

    If you read in the youtube comments. The rider replied. Hes busted up but ok.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q96sshLuNP4
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    Someone up there doesn't want this run to happen.LOL
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    Looks like dust certainly wont be an issue.
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    Show your PIG

    No No
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    and kills the dust.
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    Anyone who rides a off road vehicle PLEASE read

    maybe a minute. Had to think about a couple.
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    Anyone who rides a off road vehicle PLEASE read

    Done & Shared