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  1. 10yeareer

    should a 43 yr old run a gncc?

    You could do the morning race which is 2 hours instead of the 3 hour afternoon race.
  2. 10yeareer

    dyamak pithog 125

    If you are installing the nut on the valve stem, try leaving it off. You may also try installing a rim lock.
  3. 10yeareer

    tusk topend gasket set?

  4. 10yeareer

    tusk topend gasket set?

    I use the Tusk. The base gasket in the Cometic kit is of better quality. However, for the price the Tusk works well.
  5. 10yeareer

    what is the right ratio ?

    For years I ran 40:1. When I bought my son a kx65, I switched to 32:1 so that I didn’t need to have two separate gas cans.
  6. 10yeareer

    Broken powervalve tab-YZ 250

    I used a screw to reattach it. I carefully drilled and tapped it and then used jb weld as thread locker on it. I then used a grinder to grind the screw head down flat.
  7. I would guess that you are getting more air flow with the K&N. I would try putting in a bigger main jet and see if it improves.
  8. 10yeareer

    Carrying a firearm while riding off road?

    I carry a Ruger LCP in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster.
  9. 10yeareer

    05 front brake rotor loose and sloppy

    I took my steering head apart twice before I figured out that my rotor pins were loose. I rode mine like that for about a year before I swapped out the rotor.
  10. 10yeareer

    Clutch slipping

    It doesn't really matter. I asked because you said If you can't get the bike into first gear at all, then I would say it's a transmission problem. Since its only slipping in second gear, it sounds like its the second gear dogs slipping. When the second gear dogs on my bike wore, it felt similar to the clutch slipping. All the other gears worked fine. If the clutch is slipping, it should do it in all the gears.
  11. 10yeareer

    Clutch slipping

    Does it slip in 3rd gear? Will it go into 1st gear with the engine off? Sounds like you may have transmission issues. My second gear was worn and I had similar symptoms.
  12. 10yeareer

    time for rebulid???

    It may be a jetting issue. However, I would do the top end before messing with the jetting. I would get the factory service manual if you don't have one. I prefer stock piston and rings but many have success with Wiseco. You will need a top end gasket kit, wrist pin, wrist pin clips, piston, and rings.
  13. 10yeareer

    Front Break Lines

    Sounds like you need a master cylinder rebuild kit.
  14. 10yeareer

    True wheel bearing size yz250?

    Sorry barbwire44, I should have asked what year. I assumed you had a recent model. This link may help you http://www.bikebearingshop.co.uk/C2.htm
  15. 10yeareer

    True wheel bearing size yz250?

    After I made my spreadsheet, I ended up buying the All Balls kit.