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  1. chrispartida

    xt550 Sprocket Upgrade?

    Great info, Smac! Thanks a bunch.
  2. chrispartida

    xt550 Sprocket Upgrade?

    Any answers for the above question. I was going to post about the same thing, but he's already asked. "I should just put some new stock sized sprockets on it and be happy cuz it is set up pretty well and the sprockets are so old that it would still probably make it more snappy. Are there any somewhat cheap (under $100) mods I could do to give it a little more kick at all speeds? I have an exhaust on it already, would jetting it help?"
  3. chrispartida

    1982 Yamaha XT 550 TESTAMENT!!

    I know what you mean about the kicking over. Can be a chore sometimes. The little useless start button on the throttle body is a tease. I might try first giving the chain a good solvent bath and lube. It's got some definite sag in parts of it, and sticky links in others. Think I'll have to replace the sprockets sometime soon, too.
  4. chrispartida

    1982 Yamaha XT 550 TESTAMENT!!

    I just stumbled onto this thread looking for a new chain for my '82, pretty good testament, Earic. I'm stoked that you loved it so much, the feeling goes the same in my case. Funny finding a post about the bike I ended up buying from you, ha. Any chance you've still go those brush guards?