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  1. Hi all, My wife and I recently relocated back here and I am itching to get back on the bike. I ride KTM 300 and am a solid intermediate to advanced rider. Anyone want to go out so I don't have to ride alone? I am open to wherever you want to go. Also, I have a truck if you want to carpool. PM me and we can exchange numbers. Steve
  2. sgmartz

    Group Rides

    Hey all, I'm new to CO and would like to tag along with anyone riding. Intermediate ability. Pretty self sufficient, PM if interested in riding, located in Denver
  3. I buy used hockey gear bags from second hand sports stores, usually costs about $10-15 and holds ALL of my gear
  4. colorado is cyclical, its always done that depending on the industry (mining, oil, ranching, tech, etc)....the point i am making is that Colorado has always been made up of transplants this is why my dad moved there in the 50s, back again in the 70s, back again in the 80s, and is now considering a move back there ( i am too) seems that by the example given, the "natives" would mainly stand to benefit, i dont recall too many real ranches/agriculture near denver or castle rock as a kid in 70s/80s, they were always way out on the plains (Fort Morgan, Kiowa, Wray, etc) oh well to each their own
  5. i love the anti-transplant sentiment from the 'native' coloradans....too funny, but mostly just annoying full disclosure, born in castle rock before they had a hospital (so yeah, born in a car on the way to littleton), moved to CA in 89
  6. Joe, too freaking funny to see you on a different region's forum. I have some job prospects in CO as well, so i came on here to get an idea of how much riding is available in CO and how it stacks up to California and yes, where's the best place to live. Looks like we may still be able to ride together if we both go that way, too funny. Cheers!
  7. sgmartz

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Congrats Joe, long deserved...
  8. sgmartz

    1/4 whats the plan for sunday

    Yup, thanks to Tommy and Joe for a fun ride. I am still shocked at how few of people we came across, definitely the least populated i have seen that place. Tommy, i am curious, did you have your GoPro on during your incident? I'd be curious to see it. That sound was quite the cacophony....
  9. sgmartz

    LA area weekday riding thread

    anyone planning on riding tomorrow afternoon? was going to go out for a few laps around rowher/dwf, start at 1, out by 4
  10. sgmartz

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    also looking for a ride this weekend, probably not as extensive as a cal city ride though...
  11. sgmartz

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    is he a complete beginner? if youre open to an ok paced ride, let me know
  12. sgmartz

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Anyone riding somewhere other than cal city? I'm up for gorman, wrightwood, rowher, etc
  13. sgmartz

    Who loves their KTM 2 stroke and HATES IT?

    i havent had my 300 that long but ive had many other bikes and ridden lots of others definitely set up your suspension and valving to match your speed and weight but at the end of the day, you need to change to your riding style to suit a bike's best attributes e.g. you ride a 450x for 5 years and love it and ride it well, then switch (whatever the reason may be) to a 300 xcw, adjust will need to be made, to the bike and you