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  1. i use the metzeler 6 days extremes. they work excellent in the dirt and fine on the street. this is my second year with the same set.
  2. that is one expensive dirt track car. it would be great to see formula 1 return to the states.
  3. i've been using protapers since they came out.because of there flex they don't fatigue you're upper body as much as regular bars.
  4. if you don't mind. when you get it all hooked up and running could you post your thoughts on this setup. i've been kicking it around some myself.
  5. that brought back some memories. thanks. i guess they only use the amateur track these days. i use to love that double up hill double and then uturn jump back down. i hope that they put it back on the national circuit. thanks again and awesome ride. :)
  6. nice vid. would be nice to see you hitting the rest of the track.
  7. thanks for the report. been thinking about this as a winter project also.
  8. someone asked about my helmet cam setup. so i figured i'd post some pics.i like that it's low profile.
  9. pt 1 pt2 pt3 just a good day of riding. my friend johnny just got his crf450x and figured we'd help him break it in.
  10. when i raced mx i've taken 2 trips to the hospital after saying that. i just ride trails now and my friends won't dare say it.
  11. i run the 15/45 for the dirt and use 16/45 on the street and seems fine to me. i usually run about 60-65 mph and have a little left over for passing but then i'm screaming.
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