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  1. gdhedmonds

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Where did you get the goldentyre decals?
  2. Are there any hill climbing areas in NW Washington? All the ones I remember as a kid are closed. Reiter has shut down the ones they had, the CleElum coal hills are closed or part of a golf course, the big hill climb at Straddleline is fenced off. Just curious what is still out there. Thanks Here is an old video I found on youtube of #9 back in the late 80s.
  3. gdhedmonds

    Can you still ride the CleElum coal hills?

    between Roslyn and CleElum ...
  4. My favorite place to ride when I was a kid was the coal hills in CleElum ... I know they closed them down years ago but have they since eased up on people riding there?
  5. gdhedmonds

    Chain slider opinions please .... crf250x

    Looks like it will rub with a 14t gear? ... Is it something that could easily be ground off? .. I am also getting a new chain and sprockets so and I wanted to keep the 14t up front and drop two or three in the rear. If I go 13t, (which I dont really want to) now I would have to drop around 5 or 6 in the rear so I guess I hope it was just a little work on the grinder ... For the record ... I did get TM's case saver and I had to grind a little bit off so it would spin freely with the 14t sprocket ... Greg
  6. I'm in need of a new chain slider .... I have read in the forums that the TM Designs slider doesn't fit out of the box, but the posts I have found are around a year old ... Does anyone know if they have one now made specificly for the (2005) 250x? If not .... Who is satisfied with whatever brand they used? Thanks