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  1. woodsk

    2012 wr450

    I really would not be surprised if the WR line was discontinued.
  2. woodsk

    TTR125 Mikuni VM24 carburetor. It works!

    The choke on our TTR got corroded and stuck so I took the opportunity to upgrade. I just installed a VM24 that I got used. WOW what a difference! I installed it just as it came just for the hell of it to see how it would all fit up, and it started up immediately. A couple of fuel screw adjustments and It was right on with the exception of an off idle stumble. I'll play with the needle position and jetting this week to get rid of the stumble. Man I should have done this years ago. This bike is on it's 3rd kid and the other 2 were really missing out
  3. woodsk

    2010 Ormond Farms Hare Scramble

    What a great course!! I had a great time
  4. must be EU only, no way we could have a bike that useful in in the US
  5. woodsk

    New Bike - E start issues?

    Throw in the the JD jet kit - do all the other free mods get the fuel screw adjusted correctly and it should fire right up with the estart
  6. woodsk

    What did you do to your WR today?

    I am looking at the same thing - but for a 450 it is recommended that you get the 8 cell version that is $140 I only get a little over a year out of the yuasa turds so if the ebatt lasts only 2 years I have already saved money
  7. there will be pieces missing
  8. woodsk

    Time for a new cluth

    Thanks guys - I have really thought about the a few times but I really don't see the need. plates and fibers are all that is needed so I will just order them OEM pack and be done Thanks
  9. woodsk

    Time for a new cluth

    Need a new clutch for my '04 450. Any suggestions EBC Tusk Hinison OEM Thanks
  10. woodsk

    2004 + Nissan Titan's

    My '06 SE with Tow and off road pkg. has been awesome! I can fit two full size bikes and one play/kids bike in the bed. I regularly pull a 6x12 open trailer with 6-8 bikes and all the camping gear for a family of six to be in the woods for a week in the bed. the '04-'05 trucks did have read diff and break issues but there are tech bulletins out and I would have to assume most trucks have been updated.
  11. woodsk

    '04 Plate holder

    I've use a Baja Designs plate holder on my DS'ed '04 for quite a while, and it has taken a lot of abuse. But while running an event last weekend it finally broke off (and I lost my plate). I was just going to order another from BD but they no longer list it on their site. The only other one I found was from scott's performance but it looks pretty flimsy. Any one got any suggestions?
  12. woodsk

    New Hare Scramble Series

    I am really looking forward to this! it looks much more family friendly that the other series(whatever the hell the plural of series is) in the area.
  13. tweav - is your 07 WR titled state it a MC or a SPEC CON?
  14. woodsk

    WR450 or the KTM 530 EXC???

    After owning two WRs I was positive that my next bike was going to be an 08 WR, but here in PA the DMV regs were changed to make it much more difficult to plate a dirt bike. If I don't have a plate my riding is cut in half and there is virtually no winter riding. KTMs are excellent bikes if the new WRs were plated and the new KTMs were less $$$ then it would really be a coin flip for me. As it is a new EXC is plated from the shop and that makes up for the cost delta for me. you have to tune the intake and exhaust on all modern 4 strokes no matter if they are blue, orange, green or red, they will be lean and clogged up. sure the wr is a little more plugged up than others but it only equates to an extra half hour in the garage. So later this year I will be on a bright orange beast, but if I could plate a WR then I would stick to the blue
  15. woodsk

    New Graphics

    I've been looking at these. https://enjoymfg.com/enjoy/product_info.php?cPath=21_101&products_id=333&osCsid=11d372ab869a7dc3ba89c16055406622 I think I will grab them for something to do this winter