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  1. You don't need "no trespassing" signs... You need these signs... All joking aside. If one of these trespassers injures themselves on your property, could your family lose everything? I don't know how your laws work in Aussieland, but here in the US, only criminals have rights.
  2. All I ever did with 13-51 was piss off my riding buddies... because I could crawl... over anything. I went back to the stock (13-48) after the Big Bore kit and realized how much I missed the speed when the trail opens up. Experiment with cheap steel sprockets and see what you like If you were closer I would be able to hook you up with a 50T and 51T.
  3. Is this the spot? I'm really interested in exploring the west side of Rte 61.
  4. I put an Athena 290 kit, ported and polished head, and custom cams in my YZ250f and I have plenty of torque. But I run out of bike out in the open (13-48).
  5. We were at St Clair on Wednesday. Really dry. After four hours of riding the bikes were still rather clean. We were riding north of Burma, running along the watershed line. We were just riding past the entrance of the northern access and the county workers gave us the hairy eye ball, then got their cell phones out. One was talking on their phone and pointing at us, the other taking video/pics with a smart phone.
  6. In my opinion, for your budget, body type, and skill level: Best beginner bike for someone not looking to get on to a MX Track (Trail riding, Work, etc): Honda XR250 -Cheap -Reliable -Almost no maintenance Best beginner bike for someone looking to get into MX: Yamaha YZ125 -Cheap -Reliable -Low maintenance
  7. Sounds like you're really honest. Seat time will cure your woes about hill climbs. I have friends who are "hill shy" as well. Work your way up to it and just have fun! Most of the riders around you are just looking to enjoy their Sunday on two wheels.
  8. +1 Just a simple number plate bumper. No worries.
  9. Bread knife works. Here is how to re-cover a seat. Its really pretty easy.
  10. Just my experience... but lasted about as long as a standard chain. Not impressed and never buying again.
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I tried Rocket Raceway's HS course a few weekends ago. It was pretty fun!
  12. I gave your video a I'm looking to do similar once I get my hands on a GoPro. My only suggestion would be to insert your POV footage in segments into the first half on the video. I'm sort of a fan on the chase cam concept. Basicly a rearward facing camera.
  13. That's true from what I've been told, but without the parcel listing in front of me, I couldn't tell you for sure. Not that I could read the parcel list anyway, never could get it to work.
  14. We were up at Trevorton yesterday and linked up with a guy who was pretty hesitant to park up at the Flats. His friends told him they had wreckers and flatbed tow trucks up last weekend. I hope you're right.
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