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  1. Godzuki

    lighting qestion

    sorry ive ben on manditory 12hr days since last post. yes mostly all premade harness i did have to do a few splice's inorder to get everything powered. i kinda had a helmet light, ehhh 1 3watt led light taped to my helmet, but its washed out when the HI beam is powered up
  2. Godzuki

    lighting qestion

    yes in my first post i put " HID X2 headlight" so yep ive already went to that low draw but man the light out put is fantastic, i just want to keep the high beam going in the low speed stuff. if i could find a way of getting more juice is what i need i would also like to get a helmet mounted light but right now im tapped out as it is.
  3. Godzuki

    lighting qestion

    say folks i have a 03 crf450r that is street legal, i have the trail tech dc conversion with the HID X2 headlight and a led tail light, both bulbs are a 35 watt bulb i have a off, on (low beam) and on (high and low beam at the same time) switch, i have the battery in the airbox, it is a 70 watt stator and i have NO blinkers. now to the question at low speeds in the trails at night i cant produce enough power to keep the high beam lit all the time without revving motor as much as i can inbetween trees lol, that high beam is waaaaaaaaaaaaay nice with its side wash it makes seeing around the corners sooo much easyer, does anybody make a more powerfull stator than 7watts for my bike. i called ricky stator and he said 70 is max, but i noticed that the crf450X he can get 110 out of it. can i use that stator off of a X would i need the case cover to, will the case cover fit, OR am i screwed i mean the light stays on fine as long as i am rolling good but when i get in tight stuff where im just barely on the throttle or idling like on long steep down hills or picking my way between tight trees the high beam drops out. any help pointer or what not appreciated.
  4. Godzuki

    a lighting question yes i said lights lol

    yes i have the DC conversion kit from trail tech that came with the battery. ill also try this in the sm section
  5. i have recently made my 03 crf450r street legal and got a new stator and wiring kit from trail tec. i have 70 watts of total power to use BUT here is my problem. i went with the X2 HID light that trail tec makes which uses 2 35 watt bulbs = 70 so im done im using a LED tail light brake light. the problem is that even with the taillight running light unhooked and if i am riding slow tight trails i can keep the high beam powered without pulling in the clutch and revving it ever chance i get and alot of the time i just cant do that so my high beam drops out, which is very damn usefull it provides ALOT of side wash light that realy realy helps in corners. what im wondering is, can a stator from a 05 i think was the first year of the 450x work on my 03 450r. i contacted ricky stator and he makes a 110 watt unit for the x modle but can only get my 70 for a R modle. i would be fine even if i had to buy a case cover if thats whats needed and a new stator. or does anybody know of anyplace that sells or makes a more powerfull stator thanks any help appreciated.
  6. Godzuki

    Michigan trail reports??? Anyone?

    were at i just moved from kalamazoo to elkhart IN and im looking for a gas sharing buddy for heading up north to the trails. i normally head up 131 getting there. im gonna be busy this weekend and all of next maybe after that. the little O has been calling
  7. Godzuki

    anybody up for white cloud tomorrow

    yea working on it yesterday would have realy sucked. unless ofcourse you had a man cave pole barn like uponone's right don.
  8. Godzuki

    anybody up for white cloud tomorrow

    next sat im doing a roadracing school so thats out, and the following sat im bringing the street bike upto GR to drop it off for our trip going down to TN to ride the realy nice twisty roads they have. so prolly by the time i get back the trails will be nice and melted
  9. Godzuki

    Horseshoe/Holton Trail Condition?

    thats okay i havent heard back from anybody before i left elkhart so i left the honda there. im in holland now.
  10. Godzuki

    anybody up for white cloud tomorrow

    dont know but i didnt get a holla back from anybody so i left the honda back in elkhart, so no dirty biking for me tomorrow.
  11. Godzuki

    anybody up for white cloud tomorrow

    im looking for a quick run to white cloud to seat the rings on my bike, ill ride the full trail, just looking for somebody to head out there with.
  12. Godzuki

    Horseshoe/Holton Trail Condition?

    are you thinking sunday
  13. Hello all im currently in kalamazoo Michigan, and my wife and i are looking at moving to around the elkhart area. what is there for riding around there well anywhere around there, or am i about to move 1 more hr away from the only trails around that are back up in michigan.
  14. Godzuki

    Drummond Island, MICHIGAN - Memorial Day weekend

    ill be leaving work at 11 stopping at 3 rivers meijers for some tatoo rum and coke:busted: then up to D ave to pick up mats cr and a cooler filled with the good stuff, and then on to you im guessing around 1 to 1:45am:eek: