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  1. winginit

    Captain Midnight R.I.P.

    Bummer I would look up threads started by him he had a FI turbo xr from what I understand , and I was thinking of having him hook me up with a 720 piston and jug "CW is just to busy to get to it" he will be missed for sure. I understand he was a gun smith as well .
  2. winginit


    TT rocks !! when you live in vegas free pick up = no shipping !! whoo Hoo !!
  3. I have the 650l as my moto camping bike it just keeps going and going and going you cant kill it . 2 xr 400s I love these bikes one has a plate and the e-button, less weight then the 650 and will run with it to around 50 -60 mph not the best bike on the freeway . And then I have a ktm 520 plated, weights less than the 400 has much more power and a 6 speed . when I want to have fun I take the 400 . if my sons or a friend want to go they can ride the other 400 . If I am going with my butthead friends who are not happy unless the have a cast or a pair of crouches I take the 520 exc so I can get back to the truck quickly, recover their bike, and get them to the hospital .
  4. HD tubes seem to help with pinch flats at 14 psi and lower .if you run 16 psi and above you don't seem it get as many. HD tubes don't seem to help much with punctures , and it seems that patches don't like to stick as well to the HD tubes . so I have gone back to regular tubes with slime. IMHO.
  5. over drive 20 tooth 5 th gear best way to go
  6. winginit

    another xr400 build

    Thanks for the reply , To be honest I haven't looked in the manual yet. Yes I do have one ,heck I had to get the 400ex manual as well to get a wiring diagram so I guess I have two . I just thought I would call on the vast resource of TT expertise for any tips or tricks before I ruin my beloved XR . because an XR is a terrible thing to waste .
  7. winginit

    another xr400 build

    thank you for the reply , I would like to see the oil pumping, as I have seen to many xr top ends go bad do to lack of oil . ele start should make it easer .
  8. winginit

    another xr400 build

    I am about ready to fire this thing up for the first time how much oil do you think it will take bone dry ? Now I have built a few 600's and 650's and when I would start them I would put air in the breather line and crack the oil line that goes to the head pull the plug wire and crank till I get oil from the line ," heck I went as far as to put an oil pressure light on my 650 l just to keep an eye on everything" . So what's the best way to check for oil pressure, pull a valve adjustment cover on the rocker box and crank till I see oil ?
  9. winginit

    another xr400 build

    still trying to get the crf 250 / 450 wheels to fit the xr picked up a pair of used front and rear rotors front will be fine ,but the rear is to large thought I would just turn in down but the pad would hang off the rotor on the insde . I have a 92 cr125 rear rotor on the way looks like it will work ,I hope http:// http:// And I picked up some aluminum round stock to make new axel spacers http:// and I picked up a rim but I will still need spokes . It's going to look sexy I think . http://
  10. winginit

    Wheel Bearings

    I have never seen a bearing go bad from to much grease . But I have seen them go bad from poor Quality grease . I take the seal out and repack all new bearing . and I have not replaced one yet (on my own stuff ) after replacing / repacking it . I work as a mechanic for N.D.O.T and work on a lot on street sweepers witch have a water system to spray water to keep the dust down .We used to have a lot of drive shaft u-joint problems but have changed to a different grease, the failed u-joins have all but gone away. http://www.alcometalube.com/about.htm
  11. winginit

    2001 xr400r bogs

    If it runs better with half choke check your float level , It may be low . Do you still have that door on your choke ? 158,159,160 should be a good place to start for the pilot jet. pilot controls Idle and just off idle . main jet controls mid range .the needle is the last thing to adjust after the main is very close. if the pilot screw is more then 2 turns out, then you need to go down on the pilot . less then 1 turn go up on the pilot. take your carb off put it in the vice put a clear hose on the bowl drain, rig a way to get fuel to the carb if the float bowl is full you should see fuel in the clear tub to the parting line . You can do it on the bike, I like to take it off . If the float is wrong nothing can be adjusted to make up for it and it will never run right. watch this video to get a better idea of what I mean http://youtu.be/PHuB1lyagKM
  12. winginit

    another xr400 build

    welded some tabs to mount the 400 EX regulate ,this is were honda put it on the 650L so it must be a good spot . http:// then I installed a devol lowering link . http:// The muffler was looking a little ruff so I used the DA with some # 80 then followed up with some #320 then used the buffing wheel and a brown rouge bolck http:// http:// http://
  13. winginit

    Is the XR400 the best bike ever made?

    I'm probably going to get all manner of flack for this one, either from those that say Honda's ubiquitous little scooter is not a real motorcycle, or from those that doubt its significance. But without the Cub, motorcycling, at least here in North America, would still be the purview of smelly, unwashed former WWII aviators who prided themselves on their outsider status. Then long came this cute little scooter proclaiming that "you meet the nicest people on a Honda," taking motorcycling mainstream. Underpowered or no, Honda's step-thru scooter has sold more than 60 million units in its 50 year history , making it the best-selling powered vehicle of all time. The Cub is still produced today and is the transportation backbone of many Third World nations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaeKrqJJqm0
  14. winginit

    another xr400 build

    Thanks for your reply .I think your right, I just needed someone else to say what I was thinking, I will stick with the stock one for now , and throw this on the pile of extra parts that's starting to take over the shop.
  15. winginit

    another xr400 build