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  1. By now your decision was made and the swap if any was done as well. I didn't read every reply, just the first few. Anyway I did the CRF OEM pads first while waiting for the MC to show up. That made a huge difference. Then the MC showed up and I did that too. Un f'n belivable difference. If I ever get another YZ, I will also get teh CRF stufff the same day. BTW mine is a 2007 YZ250.
  2. Mark6299

    Tusk Bearing remover kit

    Buy it and don't look back. I have both kits that pull or push bearings out. They both work well but the one for slide bearings work well for inside case bearings where the one for wheel bearings "push type" will not work for inside case bearings, or blind bearings that is. The tusk kit you are looking at with the slide hammer is great. You might be able to get one for free rental at Advanced Auto but the sizes might not work out well. My two cents, Mark
  3. Mark6299

    2002 YZ250 will not start.

    Did you turn the fuel valve off????? If not you might have a lot of fuel in the crank case making it over rich.
  4. Mark6299

    2002 YZ250 will not start.

    sounds like you put a cold plug in. Put another one in and see if it helps
  5. For the flat corners you need to ride your butt on or slightly past (over) the high corner of your seat instead of yaving your body inline with the bike. Take a look at Shane Watts tutorial on flat turns.I think he had a video on his web site or Utube you could look at for free.
  6. Mark6299


    If your chain is streched that much that you need to take two links out then the pitch of the chain is soooooo far off that I can't imagine what your sprockets look like. Just change the chain and both sprockets even with cheap replacements. Also, how do you adjust your chain? I bought a new chain two years ago and haven't needed to re adgust it yet. It should be a little loose when the swing arm pivot, front sprocket and axle bolt are all in a direct line. Have someone heavy sit on the bike to make it bottom out or use a rachet type strap. It should never get tight like in a bind. If it does, you will eat chains and sprockets like a dog eating cookies.
  7. Mark6299

    Half sealed bearing in case

    What do you mean? You are kidding right? Or do you mean not double seal?
  8. They are just trying to cover their butts. I have never done this. Just regular break in and good to go. Ask your dealer what they think and if they would cover the cost of performing the work. I like the idea of "it it aint broke, don't fix it"
  9. Mark6299

    ten minutes of two strokes

    I have recorded or use prerecorded sounds of two strokes that I listen to for background for when I can't sleep. It helps a lot. I sleep like a baby and have good dreams all night long. I haven't figured out a way to safely dispence two stoke exhaust smell for added effect.
  10. Mark6299

    Handmade reeds for 87 YZ125

    I know you didn't ask for a reply like mine but is it worth the savings to possibly ruin your engine? I am all about DIY. Let us know how it works out.
  11. Mark6299

    I have some 125 and 250 questions

    What ever makes you happy. You sound like a tree hugging OUGFYGF. It funny you mention selective memories. You must be an idiot. Simply take a look at who was really in power in the time frame you describe. It was people like you, the liberals. You are probably one of those who said gas was over $4 pre gallon back then too. It If you say so. The libs could just stay home then. Just kidding, you are welcome to ride anywhere any time you want. Just remember if you loose your freedoms one of these days, it could very well have been started by that Communist in office right now.
  12. Mark6299

    I have some 125 and 250 questions

    Well because its a free country, for now that is, so just deal with it and move on. The guy briefly talked about how the ecomomy isn't how it used to be. So, a simple reminder of why the economy is the way that it is and what to do about it is actually a good thing. Most people don't even know who the president is or who their state govenor is, so helping out a bit is good.
  13. Mark6299

    Can I Use This Cylinder ?

    The compression has nothing to do with the pisten size. It is all in the rings. The difference in the piston sizes are so small that its almost negligible. Look at the sizes and decide your self. It really doesnt mater which size bore you get in that the piston size would be matched to the bore. In other words, you will not get more life out of a smaller bore size. All that said. You best bet would be to get your cylinder repaired by Eric Gore. You should buy the piston kit with the repair. Millenium does the replating for him. He will even clean up your powervalve and most likely do a squish band mod for free. He is the way to go. You will have a better fit and a better plate job if you choose to go with his work.
  14. Mark6299

    I have some 125 and 250 questions

    Well I have a few points. Some times I go off topic so bare with me. The first thing you and your dad need to do, is to vote the idiot out of office November 6th. That is if you are a conservitive or independant. If not then you MUST vote on NOVEMBER 7TH. Any way. The 2005's are nice but the suspension changed a bit in 07. After that, some minor changes. Aluminum came in 05 I think. Some think the alluminum frame is too stiff and the steel frame is more forgiving. Me, I would gat anything between a 99 to 12 if the deal was good. I think 02 and up would be a better choice but it all depends on your budget. You could get a 2005 minus tuned to you better than say a 2006+ bike. Then you would be good to go in allmost any race. My two cents. Good luck in your search. And to finish off, you will save a s h it ton of money working on a two stroke vs 4 stroke.