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  1. brraaapperdoodle

    Best Place to Weigh Your Bike

    haaaaa you right.
  2. brraaapperdoodle

    Best Place to Weigh Your Bike

    For real you think that would be accurate? It seems like it would... somebody should test this theory
  3. So, What is the easiest and best way to weigh your bike? Just thought some of you could have some helpful input
  4. brraaapperdoodle

    New IMS gas tank first look

    Interesting! That’s awesome I was hoping it would just work and not effect the display
  5. brraaapperdoodle

    New IMS gas tank first look

    Do you guys think this will effect the MPG and fuel consumption/range on the display? 🤔 Im wondering if it will show incorrect remaining fuel
  6. brraaapperdoodle

    New IMS gas tank first look

    Lets see this thing on the bike! Im curious how it will look
  7. brraaapperdoodle

    Dirt Legal How Does It Work?

    I’m mind blown. Because how can you get that tag with no insurance and no inspection? I mean I’m all for getting dirtbikes on the road but wtf how is it so easy for them and impossible for us? Also, if this was a scam, how long do you think they would get away with scamming people before they got put on blast here and everywhere else on the internet... I was very nervous when he filled out the paperwork and have them power of attorney, basically allowing them to have full rights over that vehicle. It sketches me out
  8. brraaapperdoodle

    Dirt Legal How Does It Work?

    Dude, it’s legit. He got his tag and title. I’m with you though, seems like total BS. That’s why I’m asking if anyone can explain how this works to me.
  9. So a friend of mine just got his tag from Dirt Legal and I'm just amazed at how this can be done? How is it so easy for them to get a tag for anything? I would just like a general idea of how this works because I can't understand why its "impossible" to title or tag most of these bikes,quads etc. but for this company its easy peasy. No inspections no nothing. I just can't understand. If you aren't familiar with the site you can see it here, https://www.dirtlegal.com And it works. He got his tag a few days ago.
  10. brraaapperdoodle

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    Thanks! I’ll stick with just a piston and exhaust for performance upgrades. If I wanted to build a performance engine in the future I’d probably just find a donor and build a different engine. Thanks for all the help
  11. brraaapperdoodle

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    Is the 89a cam useful with just a high compression piston? or better for a stroker?
  12. brraaapperdoodle

    RAD MFG Hub bearing question

    It is possible for me to make spacers, a good friend of mine has a Southbend lathe and Max mill. Also another friend of mine has a 2006 CRF450X I could use for measurements and ginny pig... If anybody knows where some remaining RAD MFG inventory might be for a CRF front hub, please let me know
  13. brraaapperdoodle

    Largest rear sprocket that can fit XR650L

  14. brraaapperdoodle

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    Dang, thanks for all the replies! I know building a performance engine is expensive, and not necessarily what I'm trying to do. The motor was noisy and smoked and I ignored it knowing it would eventually quit, and it did. So I will need to rebuild this engine and was just trying to decide how much performance is worth the cost. I Will probably go with the XR's only full exhaust system for sure, and any other engine internals that need to be replaced. Im expecting new valves and springs, valve seats recut, new cam chain/tensioner/gears, new piston and rings and obviously gaskets and seals. Just to be clear this is not my main bike. This is a bike I let friends ride and my girlfriend loves this thing. So its staying in the family and I searched for a long time to find it. It was a shit pile when I got it but like I said, I restored the chassis, rebuilt the suspension and linkage, new steering stem bearings, wheel bearings, cables, chain and sprockets, plastic and decals, blah blah blah. So, whats worth while for the engine, a high comp piston and a cam and full exhaust? Or just better off with stock internals and a full exhaust?
  15. So RAD MFG is out of business and I have a set of their wheels. I'm about to do the USD conversion on my Honda XR650L and I don't want to ditch my custom wheels. It seems like their hubs are all the same shape but with different bearings and the actual disc mount is bolted to the hub... Could I get different sized bearings and spacers and maybe keep these wheels? Does anybody know about this or who I could ask?