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  1. firsthere

    XR Video / Pic of the Day.......

    Nothing runs a truer line than an R.
  2. firsthere

    Dreaded spooge

    Slide the rubber coupling back towards the silencer a little and add zip ties in both grooves. When assembling the exhaust, it is best to leave all bolts on each section loose, (with the springs on the header) get the best fit then snug them all up.
  3. firsthere

    Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Does anyone know which chain company manufacturers the PD x-ring chain?
  4. firsthere

    Stator DIY Rewind 650R

    Here's some others you may need someday: http://web.archive.org/web/20150723004102/http://www.borynack.com/xr650r https://advrider.com/f/threads/xr650r-thread.409774/page-1437
  5. firsthere

    Stator DIY Rewind 650R

  6. firsthere

    How to get out of a hole

    Yeah, I thought the BLM or Forest Service would go after the owner of an abandoned machine (thru the frame numbers?) My trail bikes are fit and run well but are only worth $2000. That and if the DNF caused an expensive repair once back in the garage, it could cost more than the bike is worth. A FINE would be another consideration as to whether fly one out though. I have been carrying one for over a year now. Just the basic model, though I can still text the wife when I'll be home. or not.
  7. firsthere

    How to get out of a hole

    What would the average cost of a helicopter extraction be?
  8. Lets say you have ridin down a box canyon that has no way out but back up to same route. It is steep, rocky, tight single track, 1st gear most of the way. Suddenly your bike seizes or won't start, a trail repair is impossible. You are forced to walk back out to civilization. Now, how do you get your bike back?
  9. firsthere

    650R valve help!

    Don't use the kickstarter. The manual says rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise to the "T" mark.. I assume this rotational direction nullifies the decomp. In Practical terms one would have an idea the decompressor is in play if there were significant slack at the decomp lever. If you ever pulled the lever while the engine is running you can feel the lobe contacting thru the cable/lever. With the valves, (unless the lash is way off), you would notice there is .000" clearance when attempting to adjust.
  10. firsthere

    Idle speed during start up

    My KDX's always have. When it drops, its warmed up and ready to ride..
  11. firsthere

    650R valve help!

    While you are at it check the play on the decomp lever adjustment. Its around 3/16"+ play at the head actuator where the cable connects. (When not on the auto decompression mechanism cycle.)
  12. firsthere

    650R valve help!

    The cam is the same diameter all the way around until it meets the lobe. My Dodge has a rotation order to adjust 16 valves in a specific order to reduce needless engine rotation. Many stops on the sequence have the opposite valve on a lobe
  13. firsthere

    650R valve help!

    Try checking the exhaust just as/after the intake closes. The decomp should then be non-op and exhaust fully closed. Then rotate to various positions looking for any clearance greater than .008". Obviously the decomp removes clearance and only makes the ex valve tighter. Try to slide a larger .009 or .010 feeler gauge to see if the valve is too loose. Same goes for the intake but use a .007 -.008'' blade. I use a large nut welded to and old countershaft sprocket to rotate the engine (on a stand in gear) so the kicker in not needed. Just remove the shield and the locking plate on the sprocket to fit the tool on the splines.
  14. firsthere

    hone every time?

    I'll make a few assumptions here please feel free to correct me if wrong: It is widely accepted that four strokes should not use synthetic oil during breakin. Nikasil plating is the same process and material on a two and four stroke. Piston rings are made using the same material on a two and four stroke. Pistons are the same material on a two and four stroke. Two stroke engines should use synthetic during breakin if that is what we normally use. Don't worry about manufacturers installation instructions just do it like everyone else. I plan to split the difference and use a semi synthetic (such as Maxima Super M) for breakin on my KDX and be done with the discussion.
  15. firsthere

    hone every time?

    No im reading the ring manufactures installation instructions. If not for that it would not be a concern.