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  1. Every crash, no matter how small, is a potential for injury...I guess there's an e-button in your future, huh @Colorado^? I had a pretty good get-off captured by TT's @Bryan Bosch that you can checkout over on the #DualSportDuo blog here on TT. If I was riding alone that day, I'm sure the gators, hogs, snakes, or spiders would have had me for lunch as there was no way I could pick up the Husky and ride it home with cracked ribs.
  2. I'm planning to do my 1000 mile oil change and sending off to Blackstone as soon as I get home this week. @Bryan Bosch and I have been trying to keep the KTM and Husky in sync with break-in, maintenance, fuel, and oil changes, so it will be interesting to see what mine looks like. More to follow...
  3. Scott Summers would be proud!
  4. Thanks @Force0321 I thought I'd seen most of what is out there, but not HDB. Appreciate the recommendation.
  5. What did I do to the Husky 701 today? I broke it (again)! Take a look, so you don't end-up needing a trail fix like I did:
  6. Thought that I'd link to my latest blog entry from the #dualsportduo. Check it out!
  7. +1 ...795 miles on my Husky 701 with no issues. More details here in another TT thread:
  8. EXACTLY! As you can see in the video, @Bryan Bosch kept looking over at my bike, then FINALLY went over to TRY to pick it up...obviously he needs to spend more time at the gym! Actually, it's tough to see from the video angle, but my bike was a bit wheels-high on the slope, so there was no way for one person to lift it up...took @Bryan Bosch and John to get it back on its wheels. I was pretty messed-up and couldn't even get on the Husky, let alone ride it home. Thankfully, John rides a KLR650 (couch-on-wheels), so I was able to get home safe...and John had a blast on the Husky!
  9. Stay tuned for a 2017 690 vs. 701 comparison video from @Bryan Bosch and I over on the #DualSportDuo blog here on TT!
  10. +1 to @guymcfly61 on the "practice" comment! This is something that many forget to do when they get a new bike. I've had many, most recently coming off of a 450XCRW-e, and my Husqvarna 701 is a completely different animal...and just when you start to get comfortable, beware...here's what happened when I did:
  11. sclaus

    Why buy just one?

    Great choice guys! @Bryan Bosch and I did the same thing, except that I chose the Husqvarna 701 (for obvious reasons ). Post your adventures here on TT so we can all follow you, and do the same for @Bryan Bosch and I over on the TT blog: #DualSportDuo
  12. I can't believe I went so long with the stock pegs on my Husky 701, especially after riding @Bryan Bosch's KTM 690 with the new Fasst Co pegs...WOW, what a difference in size! I echo @Bryan Bosch's write-up here on TT: Here are a couple of (dirty) pics of my pegs:
  13. @PeterOnTheRoad, I can't tell you "WHY" these bikes are susceptible to burning oil, but what I can tell you is that I've consistently used a specific break-in procedure with all of my "vehicles" over the years (dirt, street, watercraft, boat, auto) and have yet to burn a drop of oil...my 2017 Husqvarna 701 is no exception at it's current 1000 mile mark. @Bryan Bosch and I be doing a blog post over at #DualSportDuo (here on TT) on that procedure, including the current state of each of our bikes.
  14. Want to see a fat-guy crash a Husky 701? Well, you're in luck! I just posted a new blog-entry ("Respect the 701") in the #DualSportDuo blog, featuring yours-truly crashing hard...enjoy!
  15. I like the under-seat storage pouch idea from @Bryan Bosch. My Husky 701 didn't come with a pretty "factory" pouch, so I went down to the local sporting goods store and bought a waterproof cell-phone pouch...in Husky blue!