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  1. Bro don't you ride girly Euro orange with those Light sissy bikes that have slender booty for dancing the night away in gay Euro nightclubs.
  2. motocross

    After @BBA bored out @redrider144's dunghole he diddles....
  3. motocross

    Why don't you just diddle @OUTERLIMITS ? Chances are he will be paying you for Anderson's lower than 10th place finish in outdoors --that is if you get lucky for once and actually win a bet.... Besides, I am still thinking that Bowman was playing with you there though. Anderson's publicity people are probably scared shitless telling him whatever he does don't wear a Puerto Rico tee shirt as some dumb redneck might not like that and tell him to go back to his own country...
  4. I'll still buy Fox stuff. Garb doesn't make people do illegal stuff anymore than guns make people do illegal stuff. And if I felt like buying a Harley I wouldn't be stopped by the fact that lots of riders of those engage in meth dealing, gunfights, and other illegal activity.
  5. motocross

    Ya well she better watch for @redrider144 there are so few women out in the sticks where he lives that he'll take a redone JA even if she does have a huge adam's apple.
  6. motocross

    Ya let's do it. @OUTERLIMITS might get lucky but lets go for it anyway.
  7. Maybe he had bone spurs...
  8. motocross

    Ok I will bet the $50.00 gift certificate @OUTERLIMITS will probably owe me for Anderson in MX. If Anderson joins team PR you get it, if he does not then you owe me a $50.00 certificate from Rocky Mountain. Good?
  9. Maybe you should sendit2randy!!!!
  10. You hating on JS7 reminds me of squidy hating on blue. JS7 was a top guy who did well, but didn't live up to the hype. So what, happens in sports all the time, learn to live with it. His "having big balls" probably was one of the causes of his not performing to expectations. Big balls = big crashes.
  11. motocross

    Wasn't he squid's alter ego? Now squidy has packed them both up and is using his third alter ego sendit2randy when he can't resist slamming blue.
  12. offroad

    Why you got a little butter under them tits??
  13. motocross

    No old buddy I am not getting into that one. That is between you and @Budlite. I was only posting what I saw that is why I specifically said it was from June.
  14. motocross

    That is awesome... He still has some mullet there too.