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  1. Chaconne

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Yes and you were wrong that is why you lost the bet to me. Remember, your claim and brand hate was that the YZF 450 was so bad and such a turd that Barcia would do better when JGR switched to Zuke. Actually the opposite happened his career went to shit on the Zuke and was rescued on the YZ. Waiting to see how much Pooper Webb improves on the KTM. You willing to bet on Webb on the KTM for a beer (no money) at that Mexican place we went to when I came out there last time? Webb finishes 7th or better I buy, worse and you buy.
  2. Chaconne

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    What is weird is your double standard. All bikes are improving. The 2019 KTM is better than the 2015 and the 2019 Yam is better than the 2015. So what? What are you now "admitting" that the new KTMs are not better than those of 3 years ago? What did they somehow get "worse" while the Yams got much better???? Of course not, you are talking crazy talk. KTMs and Yams both had their good and bad points then and they do now as well.
  3. None of your links about the US market were incisive. These are incisive there is no "feeling" here. You must be hung over. And unlike your powersports link which likely included ATV and UTV sales to get to 500k in sales, Bloomberg is much more accurate regarding 2 wheels. The Recession has been over for a long time we might even be coming up on the next one. The only "feeling" so far is you asserting that 17 and 18 would be better which I am not arguing they might be, but it will be marginal. From 2002 to 2007 there were around ~200k in sales in dirtbike. Since the Recession it is around 1/2 of that or less, and my contention is that given the age graph and they way the last Recession impacted 40 & 50 somethings that things might not get better and I have yet to see sales figures that disagree. You are likely correct regarding Europe and Global & International but I am not talking about that.
  4. Nothing you say has any factual information based on anything other than your " feeling " and you don't break that down into off road and road ! I sent you the graphs and I sent you the age curves that clearly show the trends and support the ideas I have stated. Plus, I live here and can see. None of the "facts" you have recently posted come close. One link has no breakout for dirtbikes and makes claims that seem specious to me, there could be some improvement but I don't think it will impact dirbikes as much as road bikes. And the second post talks about global sales which I don't and never have disputed. We are talking about the US here. I hope you are right but I don't think so from everything I know. And the trend of young people not liking bikes is in agreement with one of your links.
  5. Ok whatever. You believe what you wanna believe. Your experts are industry insiders that have a vested interest. The last link you posted had no breakout for dirtbikes.
  6. Stop flailing that wasn't a boom those were typical averages for those times, but the decline has been going on for a long time even before that. I live here I see. I am not going to go back and dig up anymore for you it should be clear. If car sales were half of what they used to be there would be massive layoffs. And it should be clear to you why I say things I do, despite @KTMRider4Life. Small increases don't matter at this point, and I will even give the proof-less claim for 17 & 18 which you called me out for previously. The age curve should be what gives real pause. The US market for dirtbikes have been trouble for a long time for many reasons and a lot of the same reasons also effect road bikes too.
  7. Come on it is flat and is less than 1/2 of what it was 12 years ago. And it even was declining then. And if the age trends keep up it will get worse. Read the article and look at age curves, we have been in an economic boom for years and there has been no growth. Young riders have been the mainstay of dirtbikes ESPECIALLY for 50 years and they are not coming in. You don't live in the US maybe that is why you don't get it.
  8. Europe and Asia are probably different but here like I said (you could make it ever more granular =>old guys):
  9. Source Bloomberg. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-05/can-millennials-save-the-motorcycle-industry
  10. Chaconne


    Agreed. Sometimes it is not even a hotshot. Might be an experienced journeyman who puts it together. I am old enough to remember when Tyson was supposed to be unbeatable, knocked everybody out, was the next raging bull, was thought to be unbeatable... until...
  11. Chaconne

    Made this for my son for Christmas

    Ya my son is 11 and he has already lost interest in some of the sports I like. My son had/has good natural skills on dirtbikes, bicycles, and skateboards at a young age. But lost interest in those and is now consumed with parkour. I can't do shit in that domain can't even help him. Relegated to watching, which I have gotten good at and enjoy --and he still likes it when I show up to watch...
  12. Chaconne

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    Well I wasn't part of that brouhaha. And you and I are even. You got me with JA against ET in 2016. But you hated on Blue so much you bet on BamBam to do better on JGR Zuke than he did on Yam the year before and I got you back. So you should still bet me a beer on one of your boys. If you win I come out run the marathon and I buy the beer. I win I come out run the marathon and you buy the beer.
  13. Ya having a beer and yakking dirtbikes with @KTMRider4Life is a good time...
  14. Bro moving the goalposts is your M.O. and apparently you lost a little edge on your reading skills when you were gone: <<<< 37 minutes ago, Chaconne said: No, the point is we are talking about sales. Don't move the goalposts your usual tactic. Some cases 4-wheels steal some cases they don't. But their sales increase and their market grows. In many cases now, dirtbikes are not even a consideration for OHVs. That wasn't always the case. When I was in AZ last year I rented ATVs and SxSs no problem. I didn't even find a place that rented dirtbikes. I am sure they exist they weren't on every corner like the 4-wheel rentals. Same thing in Aruba. Even rented ATVs in super green-state Vermont 2 years ago. >>>> Anyways, what did you have for lunch today? I ate the buffet at Whole Paycheck today. Food was good but I ate way way too much and it cost a lot too.
  15. Maybe they are going to switch over to golf carts....