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  1. motocross

    Yes but dynos are not enough to lure in @KTMRider4Life. We needed some of the MXA type of chum to hook him. @redrider144 is trying out some new line and hooks to see if he can reel in a big orange whopper...
  2. motocross

    Koba Shift Kits for all too...
  3. motocross

    Probably not. 65cc 2T won't cannibalize other products. KTM is definitely in the sweet spot to produce smaller volumes in a lot of categories. The others not so much.
  4. Fixed it for ya!!
  5. Don't worry he will be back.
  6. Come on bro its all in good fun. You do your fair share of shit slinging too.
  7. Ya even I will give it up to @BBA for that. He doesn't change his pink vagina hat call outs by brand like some people...
  8. What about outdoors? I believe that is JA was 14th and 10th vs ET 2nd and 1st... I guess JA saves his choking for outdoors or would that just be the heat was too much for him... Wouldn't that qualify for first class outdoors pussy???
  9. You already speared @BBA for the ages. He shits out of 2 holes after you got done spearing him.
  10. Did you count the number or SX wins Tomac has before you opened your piehole? I am glad Marv got the win but he was a letdown this year with inconsistency just like Tomac. You are a Tomac hater we get it, there is no sense in going full out Barcia about it though.
  11. The old Barcia already set the standard for meltdowns a few years ago when he was riding 250s. Roosting the medical staff, casting shit all over the place against Roczen, and crying like a little hurt girl to the media. That is a meltdown. An athlete who wants to win and is pissed off that he lost is what is expected. PR be damned.
  12. I am not a Tomac fan but he is far from the top of the whiny bitch group. You just don't like him and exaggerate his faults. He won outdoors last year and guys like JA could barely make the top 10. Winning outdoors gives him some cred IMHO and the fact the he choked out a couple of SX seasons is no big deal. RD lost a bunch in a row to RV and was still able to recover and be one of the best riders ever. JA is top dog this SX season, Marv on the other hand has made almost as many idiot moves as ET. Must be because I picked Marv to win it this year, I bring almost as much bad juju to picks as @redrider144.
  13. You should see the rest of the country... Cali is still pretty good by comparison.
  14. I hope the quality stays the same. Robin stuff was a real sleeper. Rock solid but few people knew about it. A buddy of mine who was a contractor recommended it. Always starts and needs little maintenance. Oh BTW Gillette is this weekend it is Saturday afternoon this year. You could wail out here and get back home in time for the Saturday party.
  15. Why did the robins need 0w40? Was that what they were spec'd for? I have a robin in my generator and have never used anything but standard issue 10w40.