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  1. Chaconne

    pussification of mxon

    Ya RV was looking for the European college adventure vacation he missed out on when he was winning his championships.
  2. Chaconne

    So when a rider like Cooper Webb....

    Decotis used to train with Tomac when they were both on 250s. Didn't seem to help Jimmy D too much.
  3. Chaconne

    pussification of mxon

    That is because they are an island full of sissies ( except for @mog ) that we have had to bail out of every scrap they have gotten into in the last 100 years. Except for maybe the Falklands where we just gave them the weaponry and let them beat up on tin pot led Argentinians....
  4. Chaconne


  5. Chaconne


    My son is 11 and he thinks it is awesome as well. He likes monster trucks too... I am thinking there will be a few "once was enoughs"...
  6. Chaconne


    Ya that is bad that attendance is dropping too. I went Gillette this year and 2 years ago. Newbies and youngsters loved it. I don't think any of them would have lasted very long at Southwick though.
  7. Chaconne


    I enjoy the Nationals and usually make the trek out to Southwick and Unadilla most years --though it has been less consistent the past few. When I lived on the West coast usually made to at least one outdoor event every year. Some places were better than others. These days it is often hard to get even rider buddies to go most years to outdoors events. The outdoors version of the sport is just not that great for spectators. My buddies that ride --except for one who posts here on TT-- don't even keep up with the outdoors standings anymore. SX is really keeping the sport alive I think and main circus that younger folks are enjoying most is the Nitro Circus... Maybe it is different in Europe.
  8. Chaconne


    The guys who hate SX spew the most because they are mostly old farts trying to relive 1975. Most people on this site --IMHO-- like both SX and MX and see the positives and negatives of both.
  9. Chaconne

    Red the Dyno you have been waiting for lol

    Ya he couldn't get rid of that KTM 350 fast enough.
  10. Yes but at least Webb and Barcia have sustained injuries in outdoors in other seasons. Guys who crash and get hurt do it in outdoors about as much as indoors IMHO. Think JS7 or Canard.
  11. Chaconne

    Red the Dyno you have been waiting for lol

    Ya maybe he got suspended or something. Or maybe he has gone psycho and can't get out of the shower trying to wash the stink of Town Square off.
  12. True but by the same logic think how good Tomac would have been if he had not been beaten up in outdoors.
  13. Those same guys would get maimed outdoors for half the money.
  14. Chaconne

    MXON Has Jumped The Shark

    Ya and even then at its "sandiest" it was nothing like Lommel.