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  1. Bro the past is gone. None of those old days 2T pieces of shit could compare to today's bikes. Riders today are faster, fitter, and the bikes are better than the past. Sports progress. And great riders can pass on almost any track. Jason Anderson is a great example, that guy has often gotten shitty starts and fights his way to the podium or top 5 he won't settle for less. Dungy and Roczen(before he crashed) were same way ripping through the pack. Sure there are a lot of riders who settle into positions and won't fight once they have been mid-packed by a bad start but most of the top 5 can slice and dice the pack on any track.
  2. Well they probably want to give that some time. AP comes up and starts beating Webb and things will look bad for everyone. Webb was not developed properly so far and the team shares responsibility for that.
  3. Is it pushed in and compacted?
  4. Was on his shoulder and he let it go way to long after being warned. Classic old timer by the time he made it to the doc he was already half-way to heaven. I use gloves too. Do you use diesel on sealed chains like O or X ring? I am pretty careful about what I put on those even some cleaning detergents aren't recommended.
  5. Ya @KTMRider4Life seems kinda mad about the whole MM thing with you. I didn't know he was that butt hurt about that, was that an avatar bet or something?
  6. Ya I don't knowingly use gas on anything anymore. My dad and I would work on shit and get covered with dirty grease and he would wash his hand with gas. It was nasty and when he died of skin cancer I couldn't help thinkin that shit had something to do with it.
  7. I still use that Bel-Ray shit that I have been using since the 70s. Probably is just gas. If I use NoToil I use their cleaner.
  8. Hey F-that that we are off topic. Is @KTMRider4Life aka squidy going to bet you or just cry like a little girl in an orange dress with pee stains on it.
  9. Oh I thought you were talking recent.
  10. It is a British thing.
  11. What did you do use superglue on it? I have never had a problem with NoToil. You and that damn pocket protector shit.
  12. Ya I should have been more emphatic about "much worse". BTW I think if Webb worked like Anderson --with a team of top guys with coaching and camaraderie-- worked when he came up he would be doing much better.
  13. Webb is where Barcia was 4 or 5 years ago but not as good. BamBam did ok when he got to 450s at least. Webb needs a serious coach/manager who can save him the 4 years of trainwreak it took Barcia to get back on track.
  14. That sounds like an orange chicken clucking... A twin air filter is fair @redrider144 spelled out the exact terms no cryin or whinin.
  15. Ya and Barcia was ready to kick his ass too for crying like a little girl. Since you lost on Barcia doing better on Zuke than he did on Yam you are grasping for anything. IF CW goes to KTM, the only thing that will keep him from blaming bike for his lack of fitness, lack of discipline, and inability to test properly will be Roger lowering the boom on his dumbass.