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  1. greenhuman

    CRF250F how its made

    Be good if it was like this. Then I could fit that top end on CRF230 bottom end.
  2. Hi John

     I have been trying to contact you to get ahold of a 4mmx30mm offset crank pin and split bearing. Can you please provide me with some contact details?





  3. greenhuman

    Out to build the baddest 230F on the planet

    I'm confused. I have posted images a few time on that conversion.
  4. Hi Greenhuman are you making offset crankpins to make xr200 strokers? if so could you please fick me a pm cheers John NZ

    1. greenhuman



      I don't make them but do supply them. They work great and anyone or shop that can rebuild cranks can install them. I cannot believe the Seppo's putting up with waiting months for that Terry bloke to do their crank if ever.


    2. LurcherNZ


      I am keen to give it a go I have an Xr200 crank, a new prox rod and I'm yet to buy a piston, so I could buy something like a wiseco crf230 piston and it should all go together? will I need to grind some material off the bottom of the rod to clear the gears? Also how do I go about ordering one off you? Cheers John NZ

  5. greenhuman

    Racing: Dog VS Dirt Bike

    My old dog Percy, used to run 16 miles through the sand dunes behind our house every Wednesday night. There were around 10 of us on souped up ATC70's and he used to come in 3rd or 4th for years. As he got older I attached a flashing bicycle tail light to his collar so we could keep an eye on him. I eventually had to make a trailer for my 70 so he could keep coming over there with us. He lasted over 16 years from 1984 to 2001. A good old boy.
  6. greenhuman

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    Depends on the diameter of the stock pins. I mainly do 30mm as in stock ATC/XR185 and 200's, CRF230 and some of the air cooled zongshen 250's. With that engine having such a big bore you will probably find the crank pin is 32mm.
  7. greenhuman

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    Offset stroker crank pins are the only way to go. 4mm pin and a CRF230 high comp piston kit with a stock rod. 225cc
  8. greenhuman

    Out to build the baddest 230F on the planet

    Into ATC's ? Your'e not as bad as everyone says. Lol
  9. greenhuman

    Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Bummer

    I was looking at the piston image earlier and at first I thought the piston was in backward till I saw the IN inscription. That would have answered the valve hitting the pocket edges but then ol Mixxer wouldn't be that silly.
  10. greenhuman

    Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Bummer

    No drama straightening the valve considering they are about 10 time stronger than a stock valve. It's only been kissing the piston anyway.
  11. greenhuman

    Honda XR200R Hydraulic Clutch

    Also add an extra steel plate.
  12. greenhuman

    Putting a CRF 230 crank in an XR200

    This is an L crank modded to fit an XR engine. It has a 2mm stepped stroker pin, XR 200 rod, XR high comp piston with a CRF cylinder.
  13. greenhuman

    Putting a CRF 230 crank in an XR200

    You can fit a Crf230L in the XR. These cranks are the same on the clutch side as the XR where the F is different. The flywheel side has to be shortened and retapered the same as the XR. You have to use the CRF cylinder, piston and cam chain tensioner system along with the CRF head studs, cam chain and sliders.
  14. greenhuman

    facts on the new CRF250f

    The Brazilian road version of this engine has a six speed. There are also 315cc kits with a 79mm cylinder kit and 2mm stepped pin.