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  1. greenhuman

    Pain & More Pain

    I went through terrible pain a little while ago. If I pressed on my elbow the pain was terrible. Same thing when I touched my knee. Even my neck hurt when touched. I went and had an examination and it turned out I had a broken finger.
  2. greenhuman

    90 XR200 piston damage

    I wonder if it was put together using an XL or ATC 185 head gasket. They are 63mm in the bore. That might explain the whacking. If you sit the head gasket back on does it overhang the bore?
  3. I went to Helm and Son in Phoenix in 1982 and got a tour of their workshop. They showed me how they shrunk their ATC stroker rods. I had a jig made when I got home and it worked a treat. Easy as.
  4. greenhuman

    Stroker Crank Question

    Vesrah V-1015 TRX250 rod. 105.5mm centre to centre which is 4.5mm shorter than the std rod. With a 4mm pin and some gasket trickery it's doable.
  5. greenhuman

    Stroker Crank Question

    I'll have to check my stock but 2, 3 and 4mm are available. I am using a 4mm pin with the standard length rod and a custom 69mm piston kit. There is some rod grinding needed as with all strokers for these engines. With my other engine I used a 2mm pin, XR200 rod (446) and a two valve XR200 high comp piston. The XR rod is 6.5mm shorter than the CRF rod and the XR200 piston is 4mm higher than the CRF piston. With a thinner base gasket and thinner head gasket everything comes together perfectly.
  6. greenhuman

    Stroker Crank Question

    I supply these for $125 including airmail.
  7. greenhuman

    Stroker Crank Question

    2mm stepped pin is the way to go. Way more cost effective for a better result imo.
  8. greenhuman

    Roller Rockers

    The Suzuki head does not fit the CRF230 without some "dumb meathead from Australia" machining.
  9. greenhuman

    CRF230 owners are Superior in General

    I don't agree that plugging, welding and remachining the pin hole is the best stroking method. Installing a stepped pin in the stock crank is in my opinion a much simpler and faster method. I am looking into putting together a stepped pin/piston combo for use with the stock length rod.
  10. greenhuman

    Puff the Magic Squish Band

    And here I was thinking this was a CRF230 forum. Sort of like talking about one of those AJP things.
  11. Check your tensioner is ok. It shouldn't be jumping off like that.
  12. greenhuman


    A set of modified cases would run at about $750 exchange plus postage. These would worked with either a forward kick '83-'85 ATC200X or any of the two valved XR200 engines. Both of these can be had on Craiglist or Ebay relatively cheaply. If you want bigger cc's and Honda reliability this is the way to go. Stroker cranks, cams and big bores are readily available for even more oomph.
  13. greenhuman


    You can use the complete XR, atc or XL engines and they assemble the same as stock. These conversions are only about an inch or so longer than a 70 engine.
  14. greenhuman


    You need to run one of my horizontal converted engines. 200cc's to 270cc's. Based on Honda ATC200X or Honda CRF230 or XR200.
  15. greenhuman

    xr200head issues

    That's good to know about the crf150 cylinder. Someone told be they were the same length as the 200 but I have never seen one. I have measured a Chinese 200 cylinder and they are 1mm higher than an XR200 cylinder and the sleeve itself is 2mm shorter and the same diameter as the Honda. A mm off the deck height would not be a problem as well as the slightly shorter sleeve would not be a problem. This could be the way to get the upgraded tensioner system. The fins a wider for better cooling as well.