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  1. MrBlahh

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    where is it? Is the woods loop oneway without intersections?
  2. MrBlahh

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    I'm in pittsboro, what is "Twin oaks" ?
  3. MrBlahh

    SSR 189

    anyone own one yet? Looks like comparable to a crf150f size but with much nicer suspension & brakes Not interested in another crf but these new SSR 189 and 150 look pretty nice for our trails around the house
  4. I lost my curved wrench, the one that fits spark plugs and has a curve to the handle, anyone know of a similar replacement? I loved that tool, I knew I should not have lent it out!
  5. ohh on sale too! I'm going to harbor freight tomorrow, need one for the autocross bag
  6. MrBlahh

    Ratcheting Spanner wrench

    I use those if I can these are a special tool when you need it they are a miracle. I it does not grip when ratcheting so no more wear than a spanner, which is none AFAIK
  7. I saw the plastic pin craftsman spanner ratchet set and went looking to see what else was out there and found these Picked a set up from the UK, really like it! one end is standard spanner, the other side the lower jaw is fixed, the upper jaw pivots one direction basically unlocking enough to reposition without having to remove the wrench from the bolt http://www.chicagobrand.com/alden.html
  8. I torque far more than just head studs, if it moves it gets proper torque
  9. yep, I trust them garage journal website has a pretty big harbor freight thread where people talk about what is worth buying and what's not
  10. MrBlahh

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    anyone riding cape fear orv or outback this weekend? I've not rode outside my property in like 10 months I need to get out
  11. MrBlahh

    Auto clutch=laziness?

    what bike? None of mine slip in 6th WOT in sand, that's a whole lot more stress than silly mx
  12. MrBlahh

    Duel sports around Ft bragg?

    no the whole area between fayetteville and pinehurst is referred to as a51
  13. MrBlahh

    Duel sports around Ft bragg?

    I DS to the fishing holes, locals may call it Area 51 more info on advrider
  14. MrBlahh

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    no where to ride that's legal over on the chatham side, but I have heard people ride off buckhorn dam rdI have a mile of real super tight single track at my house, it's a workout on the 450 and it does not like never getting out of 1st gear
  15. the OP is a girl, and how do you know this was even the same bike? credibility rating on post is low