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  1. ffpyle

    Stabilizer for my 2014 500 exc

    I have this same set up. Great dampening and the vibration reduction of the brp is fantastic. Twice as long riding without the pump
  2. ffpyle

    Are KTM Dirt Bikes Too Expensive?

    Saved for three years since the 12 500 exc came out. Finally got a 14 500 exc. otd with re gearing, chain, hand guards, springs, skid plate, tubliss front and rear,rear disc gard, radiator gards, brp mount and scotts stabilizer and narrow all in one tail light, I'm at about 12750. Best money i ever spent. Its like driving a Ferrari crossed with a bad ass rock crawler. The bike dances. You definitely get what you pay for. I was afraid i wouldn't be able to justify it. After riding my buddys totally tricked out 07 525exc it was obviously worth it. The suspension and power are just ridiculously better. In three years I'll sell you mine for 9800 and get a new one. That is the beauty of the new ktm's. They hold value. Really after the first painful purchase you can have a new bike for 1100$ per year. The real proof is the fact that you don't see many 2012's for sale yet. If you want the best street legal dirt bike you have to pay the piper.
  3. ffpyle

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Here is welded in bung without screen
  4. ffpyle

    The TPS adjustment thread

    It pulls out. The bung is welded in. The screen is pressed. Drill 3/8 hole then insert flat bladder screw driver and pop out.
  5. Tubliss front and rear with lead weights pounded flat under rim tape opposite the valve stems to balance. Pirelli scorpion xc mid hard front and rear 6psi front and 8psi rear. Great wear and traction everywhere.
  6. ffpyle

    The TPS adjustment thread

    2014 500 exc de smoged muffler screen pulled tps set at .64 with excellent tool and runs perfect. Good grunt no pops. Riding at 6000ft can't see a need for aftermarket exhaust
  7. ffpyle

    KTM 500 EXC (2014)


    ridiculous on or off road.
  8. ffpyle

    KTM 500 EXC 2014

    ridiculous on or off road.