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  1. okay thanks. I try to find neutral but hard to tell sometimes once the bike has stalled. With the rekluse it rolls in any gear. After a stall, thought I was in nuetral but quickly found out I wasn't. I was giving a little throttle when it kicked over. Why I was asking about holding the clutch in ...just in case. If the bike is running I can make sure it's in neutral before shutting it down. Appreciate you input!
  2. I'm running a 45 pilot and a 38 main. Had the shop check my idle when they installed the rekluse. I'll try turning the idle up a little. When you first start the bike does your wife pull in the clutch on the Pro to keep it from lurching forward? or does it start ok without having to give it a little throttle?
  3. I had a Rekluse Pro installed on my CRF150RB. That and helped the main stalling and bog issue. However, the bike still stalls after a hard stop.. then I have a hard time telling when I'm really in nuetral. My bike does require a little throttle to kick it over. With the rekluse Pro can I hold in the clutch to disengage the rekluse for starting? (just in case I'm NOT in nuetral) Have restarted a couple times ..forgetting about the new clutch.. and went for a bit of a ride. (old habits die hard) Just wondering what starting procedure everyone else with this mod is using. Is anyone else experiencing stalling when they hit the brakes hard? Thanks!
  4. mx_aunt

    Carb Removal

    Really appreciate it! I learned to worked on my TTR and an XR100 so I never even thought of removing the subframe on this bike. I was beginning to think I would have to remove the whole air box and who knows what after that! I'll check the diaphram nipple too. Thanks for the help! You guys are the best
  5. mx_aunt

    Carb Removal

    THought this would be a lot easier but here goes. Trying to install an R&D power bowl on my 07 CRF150RB. Everything is disconnected per the owners manual. This probably sounds pretty dumb but I just can't get the carb out. There is very little room to work as the space is so tight. Tried just rotating it in order to just remove the float bowl. However, the screws that hold in on strip easily so I decided to take it out so I could get leverage. Any tricks to releasing the carb from the boots. I'm doing this by myself and am getting frustrated. Thanks in advance
  6. I had the same problem with my forks twisting constantly with the Stock triple clamp. I purchased the RSW triple clamp and it fixed the problem. Excellent product and a good price. (be sure to let him know what size bars you have in order to get the corect bar clamps.) I did get the bike revalved for my weight (front and back) which made a big difference in the way it handled. I also have the RSW fork brace but haven't used it so I can't really comment on what difference it makes.
  7. mx_aunt

    Chain adjustment?

    Tick marks are even..but the chain has too much slack. I now have an owners manual and will adjust it. Thanks for the help. It's really appreciated!
  8. mx_aunt

    Chain adjustment?

    Forgive my ignorance here. My nephew has a an 06 KX250F. He's the second owner of this bike. I heard a rattling sound while he was riding (for the first time on this bike) but it didn't sound like engine noise. After he cleaned the bike I noticed fresh, very noticable, scratches in the top of the swing arm just past the rubber chain guard. Could this be caused because the chain is out of adjustment? or should I look at other possible causes as well? BTW - My nephew has been riding and racing for about 5 years (14 now) and he said the bike ran good. He really liked it. Thanks
  9. My nephews cam chain is rattling and I need to adjust it. I believe it is an extenal adjust that can be done by turning a screw. I found it in the repair manual but it doesn't say which way to turn it or by how much. Has anyone done this? It's a 2003 KLX125L.
  10. mx_aunt

    KLX110 cam

    thanks ..I may try that before going to a big bore kit.
  11. mx_aunt

    KLX110 cam

    Is it worth it to put a race cam in a stock engine? What are the benefits?
  12. Appreciate all the input and insight. We actually have a BBR frame cradle on it already. That was one of the first things we bought. Looking at the KLX it seems that the foot pegs are mounted on brackets then attached to the frame. I think it may be a high strea point by design. Hopefully his welds will hold OK for awhile.
  13. Anybody have ideas on what knee braces might fit a 12 yo (4'10'', 110 lbs)? Seems most adult knee braces are way to long for his inseam. EVS offers a youth size but they are VERY small in diameter and way to tight on him. He's not fat at all but has very muscular legs.
  14. 2003 KLX125L. Nephews been racing it a couple years. This year his riding has really changed -better, faster, and HIGHER. (this year we added re-valved forks, works shock, 150 kit and 26mm carb) He cracked the frame, both sides, above the spot where the foot peg mounts and below the engine mounting bracket. We've had it welded but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. If so, did the welding hold up Ok? Wondering if we should add some kind of re-enforcing. He's 12 and about 110 lbs. He's ridden, and raced, on 2-strokes but doesn't like the powerband "hit" and lack of low end torque (he also trail rides). So this is the best we can do until they come out with mini 4 stroke MX bike or he gets big enough to ride a 250F.
  15. mx_aunt


    Take out your new pilot jet and compare it with the old one. There are two types of Pilot jet that will fit but one is slightly longer than the other. The pilot you need is the VM28/486 type, size 20. If you have the wrong type the bike won't run properly. Also want to make sure any vent hoses or overflow hoses are clear and not clogged with dirt. We ride close to sea level as well (north of Dallas). run the same jets you do (20 pilot and 107.5 main) we left the needle alone, went about 2 3/4 out on the fuel screw and tweeked the idle up a hair. At the time the mods were BBR exhaust, open airbox with screen removed, and a twin air filter. Ran great.
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