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  1. Hi All, Just purchased a 2014 KTM 500EXC. Love everything about the bike but, I am a vet motocrosser and can't live without the motocross bike bark! Any recommendations to open up the 500exc would be greatly appreciated. I've heard an XC-W black box and Exhaust is a good start. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks 24seven. I ordered a 5.7 spring. Still snow on the ground up here in Canada. Once it warms up and I get a few rides in I'll let you know how the new spring works out. Rob
  3. I have a 2008 crf450r that I purchased new in 2009. I sent my suspension away to RG3 for revalve and springs in 2010. RG3 stayed with the stock 5.5kg/mm rear shock spring and went with .48kg/mm spring in the forks. There have been times when other riders commented I should be running a stiffer shock spring? Now, of course, I'm wondering if I should purchase one and try it out. The suspension, as is, seems to be working good. Should I stay with what I got or spend the money and purchase a stiffer rear spring? If yes, should I then consider stiffer fork springs? Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Race sag: 101mm (with gear) Static sag: 28mm Weight: 195 lbs (with gear) Height: 6'-1" Type of Riding: MX Tracks Ability: B Class Vet Thanks in advance, Rob
  4. Thanks CamP.... nice and simple and does the job.
  5. I have had my custom CTI knee braces for about a year now and although they are amazing they lack protection just above the knee cap. Question: Has anyone 'customized' their custom CTI's and add protection in this area? If so, I'd like to hear what you've done. Pictures would be great! Thanks
  6. I'm looking to purchase a Shoei VFX-W on line but not 100% sure on the size. My mellon circumference is 22 3/4" .... either a medium or large?? For all you guys that have VFX-W's, I'd like to get some feedback on what size Shoei you have compared to the size of your mellon.
  7. We'll take a used tire, predrill 1/16" holes in each knob and drive #12 pan head screws from the inside out. Not the best for ice racing (maybe even not allowed), but for just playing around on the ice .... it's great. Note: Front tire gets 1 screw per knob, rear tire gets 2 or 3 per knob. They hook up nice and so far have lasted one full season