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  1. Bobbed06

    IMS 3.2 on 400s

  2. Bobbed06

    IMS 3.2 on 400s

    I use the IMS 3.2 with Raptor fuel valve, I changed my headlight to a rubber mounted Baja Designs which saved a bunch of weight and eliminated the oem headlight mount touching the tank at full lock. I have a spare Blue BD headlight shroud, and raptor fuel valve I am looking to sell. It has the ignition switch mounted in the right side, as I also use a Trailtech Vapor
  3. Time Left: 23 days and 1 hour

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    Seat Concepts Standard Height Cover/ Foam Kit Gripper Top, Carbon Fiber sides, with Seat Heater Installed. I used a OEM seat pan, stainless steel staples, super 77 adhesive for foam to pan, and a Tusk Seat Heater Kit. Seat is new and never ridden on. I hooked up the heater to a spare battery to confirm it works properly. Seat turned out great! A comfortable seat that will help keep ya warm on those cold rides. This is a plug and play setup, with everything you need to bolt this seat on with the heater controls and instructions. Pick a spot to mount the rocker switch, connect ground, and power to battery. You are ready to go! There is even a how to video on you tube for it if you needed help. I included pics of the bottom as well, to show how clean the upholstery work is and how I tucked the heater wire. Price is $250 shipped within the United States, Paypal accepted, local pickup welcomed also. I ship the following day after payment is recieved. USPS tracking provided promptly. Private message me here or email kawski650sx@yahoo.com for inquiries. Thank You


    , West Virginia - US

  4. Bobbed06

    Heated grip/GPS/12 volt outlet wiring question

    when using FZ1 fuse block on DRZ 400, does it fit on top of the airbox in between the seat? I dont wanna cover up the 3x3 hole as my engine is fully built and needs that air flow.
  5. Bobbed06

    Heated grip/GPS/12 volt outlet wiring question

    Current draw on my overall system is Trailtech Vapor dash, I believe its 3 watts or something very low, I have no turn signals or running lights (except tail light) at all, I run a Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED headlight (38-40 watts on High), and a DRC Edge LED tail light ( maybe 5-10 watts) I also have the Free Power Mod and the biggest Shorai Li Ion battery they offered (to crank my 434cc hi comp) I have a manually switched OEM fan, and of course the starter and horn when used.
  6. Bobbed06

    Heated grip/GPS/12 volt outlet wiring question

    That was many years ago, it has since evolved with a different front fender, BD Squadron Pro headlight, Trailtech dash. It has spent many years pulling double duty as a get to work machine, and now gets to be a off road explorer as intended. Currently I also have insulated Mitts on the hand guards and a RM 250 front end.
  7. Bobbed06

    Heated grip/GPS/12 volt outlet wiring question

    Yea, I am leaning heavily towards a relay setup that Erik showed me. The mini relay with mount, and a connector for it is under $20 plus some wire that I already have. I did however look at that FZ1 fuse block setup and that looks to be one handy gizmo..... However my bike is pretty much a dirt bike with a headlight,tail light and a dashboard. I am hesitant to deviate far from that aspect, by adding GPS/phone mounts, chargers, etc. I may like to have a 12v socket for my phone though, and adding a battery tender lead into the FZ1 fuse block is also a nice option. Decisions decisions, one thing for sure is......I am going to use a relay setup, as I just cant risk creating wiring issues in my steed......I trust this bike and have to keep it that way. The main reason I was considering using a switched power lead (orange) as a power source was to keep the heated grips install as minimalist as possible.....keeping with the overall theme of my build.
  8. Bobbed06

    Heated grip/GPS/12 volt outlet wiring question

    Has wiring directly to ignition Orange ( NO RELAY) for a 40 watt heated grip setup been confirmed to be reliable and safe? Its been a while since this thread was started, I figure by now its been tested.
  9. Bobbed06

    DRZ and heated grips

    PM sent Erik
  10. I scooped up an 09 Z400 FI and am in need of chassis setup advice. Please reply with your facebook id so I can chat with ya about it.

  11. Bobbed06

    New LTZ400 FI owner rear shock spring question

    Wow, This place just doesnt have any activity anymore does it....
  12. I just recently aquired a super clean and well optioned 09 LTZ 400 and I have been dialing in the chassis settings every ride. So far I have adjusted the hand controls and bar position to my liking, and have been dropping the tire pressures on the Razr2 down every ride. I started at 7 lbs front and rear and am down to 4.5 front and 4 rear. I think I am gonna go to 4 front and 3.5 rear on the Hiper Beadlocks. The rear shock spring seems to ride super high, and seems really harsh even for me at 240lbs. I am gonna remove the shock cover and loosen preload all the way and tinker with compression settings more. My question is, What is the stock srping rate, and is there a much softer spring I can use on this shock body? It needs more sag, and a softer rate. I still ride sport quads, but I am almost 40 and still want some comfort. I dont jump, just aggressive trails and dirt roads. I would like to get the swingarm much closer to being level when I am on the quad. The Z seems to be really steep from the factory.
  13. Bobbed06

    Double Take Mirrors Review

    I got a set with the long elbows, cuz I am broad as well. I agree they are great, lightweight, easily removed for off road, and do vibrate a tad at speed with knobbies. I find them a great upgrade, and the weight savings and ease of removal make em a great item to have. I believe they are MADE IN USA as well, which makes me happy too.Ordered em directly from Double Take, arrived fast and packaged well.
  14. If rod side to side play is good, and upper rod end looks and measures good I say water pump, top end, new valves and seals she is good to go. You overheated the bike, blew the water pump, and it shut down cuz it got lean when it overheated, dont get too upset. It is just a freshen up that may be required.
  15. I just installed Outlaw Racing Universal tall bar mounts on a set of RM 250 triple clamps.. I need to rotate them forward to gain the extra 20mm forward they have built in, I am already running my Triple Clamp eccentrics in the forward position. However they run into my Trailtech Mount, so I have to decide if I am gonna shave the bar mounts leading edge, or the Trailtech bracket. So I figured I would just ride it this way for a few weeks and see how I liked it while I made that decision. My decision is, the more room the better. The DRZ was unrideable for me prior to these mods. Bars are Renthal Jimmy Button Bend. Total rise is about 3.5 to 4 inches over stock.