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  1. frmdinlv

    Need help guys

    The notch on the air filter lines up with the arrow that's embossed on the air box .
  2. I tried getting Washougal tires from them and was told they were wholesale only has that changed?
  3. frmdinlv

    1/4 turn dead spot, electrical?

    When it happens again crack a gas cap open a little . Might be a vacuum problem
  4. frmdinlv

    Help! Fork Guard Graphics?

    Try decal works they can make anything you want a whole graphics kit for one sideplate
  5. frmdinlv

    Lightspeed Carbon Fiber Frame Protectors

    A bolt on. had mine for two years they hold up pretty good with a nice fit
  6. frmdinlv

    Gimme a brake! ...450x brakes

    Same same.1 finger breaking now
  7. frmdinlv

    Tire/swing arm

    No standard. tire will were and chain will stretch.
  8. frmdinlv

    Strong fuel smell

    or try an ims tank I've had better luck with them.
  9. frmdinlv

    Strong fuel smell

    I've had luck doubling up on o-rings. I would also contact Clark or the dealer you got it from and forward that picture for a possible replacement.
  10. frmdinlv

    Strong fuel smell

    No gasket Just an o-ring. I've tried making one but nothing holds up to the gas I'm running
  11. frmdinlv

    Strong fuel smell

    File peacock area smooth.make sure"0" ring is still pliable, look for hair line cracks between the brass threaded inserts and fuel pick up hole. I've seen all these happen
  12. frmdinlv

    New '17 450X

    They said it's a diesel
  13. frmdinlv

    new cam

    It seizes up with the E starts but you can kick it over or push it with your hand. Had the same problem
  14. frmdinlv

    New JCR Spec 450X cam

    It looks like the JCR cam is detuned a little for the reliability needed for a 1000 mile race