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    Gold Valve and Mid-valve

    One option would be to get a comparable set of KYB's but from a Honda. You can swap the cartidges to get rid of that CV valve the YZ's have. I've seen sets of 2000-2001 Honda CR125 forks from $100-130 to your door. I just picked up a second set from an 04 that I made woods forks out of and I am very happy. Another option would be get a set of newer WR forks but they are much more expensive.
  2. Hello Friends, please help me "woodzify" my 2007 CR125R SHOCK. The stock stacks are below and for the most part the existing shims are what I have to work with. That being said I've got a few shims laying around like a few 28x11s a few 30x11s and some thicker ones like 36x30, 38x30. About me: 5'8 170 45+ B Class, East Coast Roots and Rocks. Not looking to boil the ocean, just want to see if I can take her more in a woods direction. Essentially when I do ride the woods I back off all the way on compression, drop the sag a turn and she still pretty much deflects off everything! What can I do to get her to soak up better? Compression 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 32x10 32x10 28x10 40x20 38x20 36x20 34x20 32x20 30x20 28x20 26x20 24x20 23x20 22x20 21x25 20x25 40x5.0 . big fat washer Rebound 36x20 36x20 36x20 36x20 36x20 36x20 36x20 36x20 25x10 36x25 34x25 32x25 30x25 28x25 26x25 24x30 22x30 26x3.0 <big fat washer
  3. Ok guys, wanted to circle back with my data. The original post was about the shock but I'll include the forks as well. As stated, I removed 4 compression and 2 rebound shims. Set my sag and checked free sag to make sure I'm in the ballpark for the spring rate. Compression clickers are set very much towards the soft side, like 18 to 20 out! Rebound is close to stock. On the Forks I removed the bladders, pulled two shims from the MV, one from rebound and 4 from the BV. I put back together using 5wt oil set to the stock height. I also decreased the fork spring rate from .44 to .39. Can't remember my clickers, I think they are soft biased like my shock. I'm about 170 - Vet A Class - East Coast roots and rocks blah blah blah. Took her out on some technical slick trails this weekend and she was great. I've ridden these trails since 1996 so I knew as soon as I hit the first root that I was solidly in the ballpark, not a noodle but very compliant over said roots and rocks. Since the trails where wet and covered with leaves I didn't get up to speed so that's next, for now
  4. i use a 4x8 for 3 full size bikes. the middle bike goes in backards instead of frontards.
  5. Hey guys, need some woods springs for my 2007 CR125 and looking for some creative (cheap) options. Net net is I need about a .40 rate, I'm content to get there with either two .40's or a single .36. So guys, beyond just retailing a set, what can I look for? Thanks. PS. I tried a whole bunch of sets I have laying around the shop and they were either too long, too fat, two short or a combination of all three.
  6. Thank you friends, I'm going to pull 4 face shims from Comp and 2 from Rebound and see how that goes. Anything else to soften it up without having to go out and buy shims? Thanks again
  7. Hey guys, so lo and behold I have a bike with an O-ring in the MV. Did some research and it looks like it's common to replace with a spring. Question: Who sells the spring? Thanks
  8. Hey guys, getting back into it after years away and will be doing the suspension on this 2007 CR125. Right now its bone stock and I have the typical stock complaints, too harsh early on and bottoms too easy. My local guy has retired so my options are; find a new local guy, send it out, or a DIY kit. Until I come up with that answer I’ll be researching and asking questions. I miss my local guy, he would let me send him just the valve assemblies, I’d save so much in shipping and labor. I searched but came up empty so first Q: Is there somewhere trustworthy I can find the stock shim stacks? I have a question on this shock valving I’ve recently come across. What’s up with this for a rebound stack (shock)? I’ve not seen them taper like this. Specifically what are those 28’s doing between the 36s? 36.30 28.11 36.30 28.11 36.30 36.30 34.30 32.30 30.30 28.30 26.30 24.30 23.30 26.3.00 Same with compression stack, there are these 30s in between the 40s a couple of times, why? 40.20 40.20 30.11 30.11 40.20 40.20 40.20 30.11 30.11 40.30 38.30 36.30 34.25 32.25 30.25 28.25 26.25 24.25 22.25 2.30 41.4.45
  9. Hey guys, just picked up a 2007 CR125R that is exhibiting the jetting issues that many folks have with this bike. Runs great up top but crap down low. I dropped the main to 410 and pilot to 45 as well as opened up the airbox. Yesterday was about 70 degrees, it ran very well until I idled it for about 10 seconds and it promptly fouled. Replaced the BR9 with an 8 and rode the rest of the day. I've read tons of posts about it and I'd rather avoid paying 70 bucks for what amounts to the JD needle and I also don't plan on going to Kehin. So I ask: Has anyone used the Yamaha needle NEEDLE (6BFY42-74) and had success? RMC has it in stock while the Honda is back ordered. Thanks
  10. BLL

    KYB Shock Rebuild Kits?

    I just used the all balls seal and got an oem bumper from RMC for my XR4. I noticed the bladder reservoir had allot of casting imperfections. My bladder looked perfect but I'll still be replacing it soon.
  11. BLL

    XR Helmet cam thread

    Here is our little loop, sorry the camera isn't angled optimally. I'm on my XR4 and the other two are CR125 and CR250. https://youtu.be/EKChWEtTLZw
  12. BLL

    .45 or .47 fork springs q?

    Quick update: Took her out yesterday, trails started out slick and muddy but got faster as the day went on. I slapped the .47 springs in and didn't like the way the bike felt just right there on the ground. There was no rebound adjustment to speak of and the rebound was off the charts fast. So I pulled them back apart, figured out the needle/rebound deal, added two shims to the piston on the damper rod, also added two shims to the "center bolt." Oil height is 4 inches with ATF and rear sag at 105. The bike handles freaking great, tracks straight, dives into corners, plows without hint of diversion, it's AWESOME, for what it is, for what I was hoping for. Now I'll move to the rear end, where I only plan on lubing the linkage (replacing if needed), servicing the shock and putting a bumper back in, for some reason I either can't see the shock bumper in this bike, or it doesn't have one.
  13. Hey guys, so I'm about to get some stiffer fork springs and I'm using the race tech calculator and need some feedback on what rate to chose. I'm about 165/170 pounds,Enduro/Trail riding/A-Class. The bike is a 1999 XR4 with 6 shims removed from the "center bolt" and 4 inches of oil height with stock springs and a fork brace. It doesn't take much to bottom it out HARD right now. The forks are incredibly too soft and I have the clickers all the way in. If I select 30-44 as the age classification, Race Tech recommends a .47, if I switch to 45 and older, it recommends .45. I'm leaning towards the .47 and looking for feedback from anyone whose been in my shoes. I'm 44 now and will be 45 in a week, hope this makes sense. Thanks
  14. BLL

    .45 or .47 fork springs q?

    Ok, I got the 47s in but we're getting rained out so I won't be able to get her out for a while. It feels fine, not too stiff but I've got to believe I'll need to get a handle on the rebound so the mini saga continues, the forks are back apart. That being said I am excited to be back on an XR, it's been about 10 years since my last one and I regretted selling her as soon as she left my garage. She was a 1996 XR280 with a tag, gold valves, sprung for me and a fork brace. She was a good girl.
  15. BLL

    .45 or .47 fork springs q?

    michigan400 and Baja Trail Rider, I'm curious if you ran fork braces and removed 6 shims from the "center bolt?"
  16. BLL

    .45 or .47 fork springs q?

    Thanks guys, looks like I may have swerved and over corrected but it's OK, it will eventually work out. Like Momma always said, education ain't cheap I continue to learn that lesson. So if these end up being way too stiff I can use one and come in at a .44 rate overall, provided what's in there is .41. At .44 it's a 7% increase in spring rate as opposed to 15% with the .47's. I can say this, what is in there right now will not work and it's not even close! I have a high fork oil level with a thicker oil and the clickers all the way in. Since they aren't marked I can't be positive on the rate but my suspicion is, stock rate. I've been happy with the Race-Tech calculator when I've used it for my other bikes, what it recommended for my XR250 was perfect, wish I could find that data but it's long gone. Thanks again my friends.
  17. BLL

    .45 or .47 fork springs q?

    The .47s offer a 15% increase in stiffness over what I believe is in there now. As I mentioned the forks bottom incredibly easily so I went with the .47s and will report back once installed. The fork brace removes allot of flex and therefore transfers more of the weight directly down to the front axle, this is the reason I shied away from the .45s. I got Eibach springs and expect to have to DIY spacers. We'll see......
  18. BLL

    .45 or .47 fork springs q?

    Thanks Dwight. I'll start by putting 2 or 3 shims back in. I took out the shims and put the brace on all in the same job so I'm not sure what made them so soft, probably a combo. I will say, after the work, she is plusher and handles better but she bottoms out big time it I hit pretty much anything with bad intentions.
  19. Hey guys, I'm looking at this compression assembly I pulled out of my xr400 and it doesn't appear that there is peening to grind off but it's hard to tell. Can someone please let me know if I need to grind the piston in the forks? I know you have to grind the shock, that came up in my research. I took a wrench to it and it acted wonky and now there is what looks like some sort of super thin peening or a thread peeled off the top. I'll try to get a good picture of it. Thanks
  20. ok figured it out. yes, need to grind the funky showa conventional "center bolt." freaking strange assembly, 12 compression shims, all the same size.....that's it!
  21. hey guys, long time no post. after years away from the 4 stroke i find myself with a sweet 1999 XR400. I've got most of my list sorted and planned but having problems finding triple clamp mounts for bark buster. i have some but they are from a CRF and are side mount, looked on RMC, no luck. does someone make triple clamp bark buster mounts that will fit the XR4? Thx
  22. wondering if a swing arm from an 06 yz 125 will work on my 09 yz125? the part numbers are the same for 2006 and 2007 but different than 2008 and 2009, they are priced exactly the same if that matters. REAR ARM COMP. 2009/2008 part # 1C3-22110-90-00 REAR ARM COMP. 2006/2007 part # 1C3-22110-50-00 assistance is greatly appreciated. thanks
  23. thanks guys, one more question, is it part #3 in the link that i need to replace? http://www.servicehondapsn.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=75224&category=Motorcycles&make=YAMAHA&year=2005&fveh=1735
  24. BLL

    2004 yz 125

    i use rotella t that i get from wal mart. think it is 10/40 and usually 5 quarts for 20 bucks. use that and you'll be fine.