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  1. Hey guys, Got a 2002 WR250F. It's my buddy bike that doubles as my personal bike when my KTM is down which as you might guess is more than I'd like. Anyways, got on it to ride this past weekend, and the cheap-o bark busters I had tossed on there were beat to piss and interfering with the controls. How my friends rode this way I don't know, but after some hammering I got it to a bearable place. Anyways, I was wondering if you all knew of any REALLY sturdy setups you could recommend? I'm running fat bars with a Henry/Reed bend if I recall. I'm having to run fatbars because this bike has the 7/8 inch fixed upper tripple. Thanks guys!
  2. Hey eveyrone Trying to troubleshoot my 09 KTM 300 XCW starter woes... still. What voltage are you all seeing at the starting button? My bike starts, when I jump the relay with a pair of pliers, even from cold with 410w motor. I replaced the relay, issue not fixed. I need to start to troubleshoot the OEM wiring I'm pretty sure and was just curios what voltage people were seeing there. If some one could check for me that would be much appreciated!
  3. Shred Jesse

    Pinemont open and all good? (Early may check)

    I was there as well! Saw a few bikes, but no KLX's! The trails were the same as usual. I noticed a lot more other trails have been cut in venturing off the main trail, but are not on the map. Would love to go there with a tour guide again soon. The main loop is beat to heck, but far from unrideable. Made for a good warmup for the hard loop the following day with the trailsmen poker run. That was the first actually hard hard loop they've setup!
  4. Shred Jesse

    Women/begginer Riders in Pac NW

    There's a couple girls whom ride over on the PDX Powersports group on www.meetup.com
  5. Shred Jesse

    Pinemont open and all good? (Early may check)

    There's only one staging area there, leaving meow!
  6. Hey everyone, Just did some carb work on my KTM (a bike that is a perpetual headache to me, heh). I'm looking to take it out for a test ride tomorrow (Saturday) and I remember really enjoying pinemont's single track loop. Is it open this time of year? All good? Anything I aught to know from two years ago? If anybody wants to join up, I'll be going with a newer riding buddy on my loaner bike (WR250F). He's more than competent enough for Pinemont last I rode there, but we'll be waiting here or there for him. I'm a bit rusty myself as well, and I'm troubleshooting the jetting on my bike (Just leveld float, and installed JD jet kit).
  7. Shred Jesse

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    It's a brand new battery with fine voltage (13.5v). When I bypass the solenoid with a pair of pliers, the bike spins up and starts right away. Seems fairly clear cut to me that I need to change out the relay. Testing the connections above the relay for continuity shows that the starter button works as well. I not only need to install the relay now, I need to install a JD jet kit and fix the float level to get this puppy running right. As it sits right now the damn thing is all sorts of mucked up and runs like crud. I'm really underwhelmed by KTM at the moment after dealing with all of this junk.
  8. Shred Jesse

    Any oregon riders?

    Taking a mellower ride out of Lyda camp tomorrow if you want to join up. One relatively new rider and one rider who take a big hiatus after an injury.
  9. Shred Jesse

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    So... my situation continues to progress in new and interesting ways. Damn near EVERYTHING relating to the starter system was gutted and/or bad... and it continues. New starter. New bendix. New Crown Gear. New Gaskets. New Starter Button. Everything in place... turns over but barely and sort of locks up. Wafts of smoke! @*$%*@%*!!!!! Take it all apart, determine lack of gasket (used hondabond) for crown gear caused the issue as it was too snug. Turns out that was WAY wrong, haha. Okay, get gasket, put it together. Starter doesn't even try and spin. I figure I fry the electrical starter. Walk away in frustration. $90 delete kit is sounding great. I decide to do some more trouble shooting, and got old school. I jump the solenoid with a pair of pliers. THE STARTER WORKS AND EVEN STARTS THE BIKE RIGHT UP FROM COLD! WOOHOO! Questions: I firmly believe it's something relating to the relay/solenoid at this point as when I jump the solenoid it delivers power properly. I check continuity (signal) between the connections. Hot connection out to button is good, when button pushes bridges connection to negative... this leads me to believe the solenoid is fried. Anybody know how to test a solenoid/relay? Any other ideas I should be testing/looking for? What voltage should I see on it's way out to the button? 12v?
  10. Shred Jesse

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    Yeah the bushings are definitely essential. Putting those in tightened the whole thing RIGHT up. I'm awaiting the crown gear cover gasket, and with that in place I'm hoping the whole thing will come together!
  11. Shred Jesse

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    Alright, I'll keep my eyes out for one. As it stands, this tank is a monster, holds way more fuel than I'd ever need, and sloshes around to high heck!
  12. Shred Jesse

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    Anyone know about tank interchangability? Say from an SX or XC to to the XCW? This tank is not only giant, but it blocks access to the spark plug.
  13. Shred Jesse

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    Thanks for telling me to check the manual. Pulled it out, checked the wiring diagram and figured it all out in no time! Gotta wire up a disconnect for the starter button, but I'm well on my way! Cranks over the starter, does it's thing, etc etc. I got the parts from Slavens racing (2x incase I screw up) and will be installing it all in no time! I got that gas tank off if anybody wants to take it off of my hands! It's so much damn weight up front and splashes around more than I'd like. I really just don't ride far enough to need 3.2gallons (at 25mpg what is that... 75+ miles?!?)
  14. Shred Jesse

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    So onwards to a more serious question... The previous owner also cut all of the wiring up front, being a twerp. Anyone know which of these connectors goes to the starter? I got a moose racing replacement starter but it looks nothing like the rest of these connectors. Makes me think the previous owner did something stupid(er).
  15. Shred Jesse

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    This appears to be the gas tank: http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?t=97267 KTM 2 stroke Translucent IMS 3.2 (12 Litre) Tank.