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  1. Gregg628

    who has the best jump photo??

    ^^^^ WOW, That looks Like a Great Track, Nice Pics
  2. Gregg628

    Good battle on helmet cam

    Awsome, I don't think my brain is wired to ride/race that fast and yeah, 250F, vet ridden on weekends only.....
  3. Gregg628

    who has the best jump photo??

    Those Go Pro camera's are amazing, Great shot and Thanks for sharing!!
  4. Gregg628

    who has the best jump photo??

    That's a Cool pic, what camera are you using?
  5. Gregg628

    kenevil VS pastrana

    + 1 Remember one thing, EK was jumping his longer jumps going nearly 100mph.. And to some of you guys, Show a little respect and spell his name right: Evel Knievel 1938 - 2007
  6. Gregg628

    i need to go pro, advice?

    Check this out and good luck to you!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dowd_(motocross)
  7. Gregg628

    Bike for the wife..

    If she's a beginner, she needs to be on a 4 stroke trail bike, wheather its a TTR, CRF'F or KLX something along those lines for sure...
  8. Gregg628

    Who will win 2011 SX Cahmpionship???

    I like Dungey and Villipoto, I would love to see Windham Win it, but my money would be on Stewert. I think he is really motivated to get the #1 back and I think he will patient enough to get it done.. (I hope they can all stay healthy and race to the end!!) I can't wait for the season to start!!
  9. Gregg628

    Bike for the wife..

    My girl friend loves her 04 CRF150F, trail version, Super fun bike to ride and not to much. Not to be confused with the CRF150R, MX, Race version. If she wants anything faster in a year or so you won't have any trouble selling it. ( I believe starting in 05 they are electric start, but our 04 kick start fires up fine, e start would be nice though)
  10. Gregg628

    NO MUSIC video thread!

    Cool man, I need to go to Co, I have friends that do every year, 2011!! I am a flatlander from KS, it's funny but I felt the hebe jebes a little when you rode next to the edge a couple of times...lol. If I go I'll have to "not" look over the edge, because you know your bike go's where you look..
  11. Gregg628

    2001 yz250f Reliability?

    My son had a 01 YZ250F in 05/06, we did put a new top end,decompression cam,etc, it was a great Bike....But The problem we had is we kept breaking the frame.. not sure if this was an inherent problem or isolated, Finally had to replace it, luckily we found a used one. Hey, it was an 01 and my son was riding the wheels off of it. I don't know but I'm sure they made improvements to the frame after 01. We sold the bike in 06 as he moved to a 450. As others have said, if ya buy used, better check it over good and plan on spending a little on it . Good luck to you
  12. Gregg628

    Why aren't there more Husabergs?

    I recently bought a 2010 FX450, I bought this bike with the plan of doing some vet MX (I'm 47) racing in mind. I'm a little beat up now, not near as serious, not as dedicated as I used to be and I think my days of running out front, well, finishing out front.. are most likely over. I'm ok with that, I just want to go out and race with my buddy's now and then. I love the FX450, and I can't wait to get my suspension back set up for me, I know I'll love it even more. At the level of riders I'm racing with (amateur intermediate vet riders), I think this bike is capable of winning my class, just not with me on it.. I wanted a occasional Vet MX bike, Great play bike, FI, and something no one else around here had... This is a Great Bike for me. That being said, If I were a die hard MXer, I would choose something designed specifically for MX/SX. Only because those bikes are a little lighter, quicker revving, tested and designed for MX.. I'm not disappointed to say the least, as a matter of fact, this bike is allot better than I expected, turns Great, jumps nicely, has an e start, kick stand, and it does haul azz, I really enjoy the smooth power and great handling. I haven't done lap times yet, but as soon as I get a chance I'll take my ole 06 KX450 and the FX450 out to our local MX track and see. Once the suspension is done, it'll be a fair test. My 450B Son took it out and chose his 09 KX450 over the 10 FX450, but this is a rider/racer who hit's 70' triples right out of a corner, he needs that type of monster power/hit with his level of riding/racing. I don't, the FX450 is smoother and is designed to be for hare scrambles, woods, I like it that way, not sure I can hang on to his bike for 4 or 5 hard laps... Sorry guys, I think I'm rambling... I do think the FX450 is a little closer to round than Square, maybe egg shaped..:lol: I Love My FX450!!
  13. Gregg628

    Vet MXing a FX 450 Berg?

    I really don't notice the extra weight while riding, the estart is Great and for me the added weight is worth it. I'm taking off the Suspension to send to factory Connection today, I can't wait to ride the bike set up for me. Even with the springs and sag not properly set up the bike jumps nice and corners like no other big dirt bike I've ever ridden. I'd like to add a EXP clutch and maybe a Mega bomb pipe in the future. (supposedly adds a little more power everywhere, about 2 hp, I'd like just a little more over rev). From what I've read, the Rekluse Core EXP would be a great addition for me and my lazy riding style (That and about 9 times out of 10, I kill the engine when air braking, the wires in my brain between my left hand and right foot seem to have a bad connection ) Also I don't think I need or want a LHRB as I'd like to keep and be able to use the clutch lever.. I know I'm going to sound like a panzy, but, is the taller Berg seat any softer than the stock seat on the FX450?
  14. Gregg628

    Vet MXing a FX 450 Berg?

    ^^^^ Lol, well, about any 450 is a lil heavy to pick up, I'm hoping not to make a habit of dropping my bike
  15. Gregg628

    Vet MXing a FX 450 Berg?

    Right on man, thanks for sharing, Looks like the Berg can do it all!!