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    Motorcycles of all kinds, r/c helicopters/airplanes/cars/etc, 350z, camping, boating, mountain biking, snowboarding, running... I guess you could say anything fun outdoors, preferably involving high speeds.

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  1. KrAsS

    Riding buddies southwest of Chicago

    I'm more of a woods guy too, but I'd be down to run some laps at Joliet MX. Haven't ridden there, but I stopped in there once on my street bike to check it out and it seemed like a pretty cool facility. Tilton sounds great too. Downers Grove / Darien, basically I-55 and Cass... You?
  2. KrAsS

    Yamaha YZ250F (2003)


    The best.
  3. KrAsS

    Yamaha YZ250F 2003

    The best.
  4. KrAsS

    Riding buddies southwest of Chicago

    Hey fellas... I've been on somewhat of a riding hiatus for several years, but I'm getting back into it these days. I live in the western burbs and I have weekdays off too (I work weekends unfortunately though). I saw FVOR's announcement that they're open Wednesday afternoons now and that got my attention... Do they open up on other weekdays in the summer too? It's been a while since I rode there... Never been riding at the Cliffs yet, but I'm definitely down to check that place out too. Anyway, most of my old riding buddies have moved away, grown up and gotten married, or gotten out of the sport for some other lame reason, so it'd be cool to meet some new people.
  5. KrAsS

    03 yz250f hard to shift

    You mentioned you just did an oil change, did you try a new type of oil this time? I've heard of clutch dragging issues with certain types of oil. Also, how long has it been sitting and was it hard to shift before it sat?
  6. KrAsS

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    I wish I had access the equipment some of you guys have! My equipment consists of a machete, a pair of "loppers", a chainsaw, a wheel barrow, and a riding lawn mower... I have a 0.7 mile single track loop that I cleared a few years back in our 17 acre backyard, with plans to build a pit bike track somewhere inside the loop, and add a small creek jump to the single track loop. It's nice because one half of the trail is in a ravine and the other half is up on a hill side, so if the trail's wet we can still ride on the high ground. Here I am attacking the single track on my pit bike last week, it's not even May and it's already like a jungle out there:
  7. I had the same concern... My solution was to reinforce the edges of the mount (where they meet the helmet) with a thin bead of epoxy. Then you know for sure that the mount is NEVER coming off.
  8. KrAsS

    Just ordered 2012 SSR 125TR...

    Nice! Please do let us know what you think of the bike. I've had a 110DX3 for about a year now, and I was thinking of getting the 125TR next.
  9. KrAsS

    SSR Pitbike INFO and UPDATES @ T Bolt USA

    Just took my SSR 110DX-3 out on the trails of Central Illinois last week! These bikes are a blast, and T-Bolt has outstanding customer service. I might be picking up another bike real soon! Check out the high-def GoPro Footage:
  10. KrAsS

    Is the ssr 110cc dx3 4up or 1down 3up???

    I bought an SSR 110 DX3 back in April, it's 4-up, N-down.
  11. KrAsS

    So as of now...BR this Sunday....

    I'll probably be there around 8 or 9. I was gonna do the fvor HS but I've hardly gotten out at all this year so I don't think it'd be worth it to try and race. I'll be hanging around a huge black covered trailer and riding my yz250f #614. Planning to spend a lot of time in the woods.
  12. KrAsS

    Crossings MX - Info needed!

    I went there once last year and saw a kid get fvcked up on the whoops there... taken away in an ambulance with severe neck injuries
  13. KrAsS

    Weekday Riding in Rockford Il.

    What is this IDNR facility you speak of? Indoor MX?
  14. KrAsS

    Got a new job!

    nice dude