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  1. johnt3

    Places to ride?

    djhanns6 .. It is people like you that will get places like you describe shut down, by posting the info in a public forum. If you find a place to ride STFU and enjoy it while you can before some idiot posts the location and gets it shut down !!!
  2. johnt3

    Rear Disk 2 part #'s

    There are 2 part numbers listed for the rear brake disk, 43351-kz4-j40 and 43351-men-a10. Does anyone know the difference between them , besides the -a10 being 30$ cheaper? Thanks
  3. johnt3

    British enduro championship

    "were sorry, the video is no longer available"
  4. johnt3

    Bye Bye BR?

  5. johnt3

    crf250r clutch in a crf250x

    the R kit come with 5 more tungston balls (5 less steel balls) than the X. According to Rekluse that is the only difference.
  6. johnt3

    Bike washing in winter

    I piped hot water outside, makes it tolarable
  7. johnt3

    front fender bag tricks

    Thats what I use. It has never fallen off.
  8. johnt3

    one day just stoped running

    Do a search.............. Hmmmm..........valves????
  9. johnt3

    280 jetting recomendations

    White, you will soon find out your answer one way or the other. Please post what works for you, as I'm always learning.
  10. johnt3

    280 jetting recomendations

    What I've typicaly found in in all the big bores I've done is 1 to 2 sizes leaner on the main from what worked well before the big bore. Pilot remains the same. What I've been told is with the bigger bore you pump more air faster than before and draws more fuel (Venturi effect). I don't know it that is right or not, but for me it has always worked out that I needed to go leaner than before. Post over in the jetting forum and see what they have to say.
  11. Looked like alot of fun
  12. johnt3

    SS valves zero'd

    Redrockrider: did you change to the R head and stock springs at the same time? I find it hard to believe that Honda would go to the expence of having different seats for the R / X, just to costly, but anything is possible. What I can't believe is after 4 years or so this is still a topic of discusion
  13. johnt3

    SS valves zero'd

    I have only shimed them and haven't riden since. Right from 1.70 to 1.50, Left 1.75 to 1.60, so a significant change. Just hoping to get through the next month or 2 of the riding season, but with that much movement I don't see that hapening AS When they 0 out again (like after next ride) i'll pull the head and take a look at the seats. Thanks for the info. Looks like there is a new head in my future, or a different bike Should have stayed with the XR
  14. johnt3


    check a online fisch and compare part #'s I think it will fit, but make sure before you get one.