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    Reset mode for start?

    I own a WR450F 2012 - injected model and have hot-start problems. I can leave my bike two weeks alone and don't start it, when I push the choke it will start instantly. y battery is fresh (Yuasa 7 130CA) , I changed the brushes of the start engine for new OEM ones , I checked valve clearance (perfect) compression perfect, fresh fuel etc etc and also the "jetting" is right on the mark (I have been riding for over 40 years and owned 4 WRF before and know how the bike should be). When I am trail riding and the bike stalls for whatever normal reason, it won't start of very difficult. When I kick start it it already starts when I am half through the stroke so very easy - i noticed something WEARD that I wanted to share on this forum to see if this is normal for this bike model . This bike has a LOW and HIGH beam front light. When I turn on ignition button, the low beam and rear light switch on, but high beam not - the high beam will only turn on automatically , a split second after the bike effectively starts. NOW I noticed that when this bike stalls (so I don't turn it off because with the switch button) the HIGH BEAM stays on (this is - if I am not mistaken a 45W Halogen light bulb) and draws substantial power fro the battery that competes with the (i) start engine and last but not least (ii) the injection pump. SO I THOUGHT well if I put a SWITCH and manually turn from light off the problem goes away so I did BUT NOT. Now I am suspecting that the bike's ECU has like a couple of modes like start, idle, off idle etc etc but MY BIKE does not perceive that it is in start mode (but remains in Idle mode) and actually should go back to the START MODE (so front light high beam off) AM I RIGHT? Can anyone with this bike tell me that when it stalls the front light high beam shuts automatically off and back to lust the small little front light? I am eager to know - if this is the case I think that there might be a sensor that is faulty - or else ...? Thank you for your replies...
  2. Robert_Brazil

    battery or start engine brushes issue?

    Thanks! Other than the brushes could there be other parts that drain crank power from the start-engine? I wil check the cable connections, I am asking because there is no effective gain in rpm speed when I add starter cables connected to my car's battery with engine running. The bike itself kinckstarts easily.
  3. Robert_Brazil

    battery or start engine brushes issue?

    Actually when I add the start-cables from my car on top of the battery. it continues weak and will only turn weak and slow, and after 4 revolutions its exhausted, than I wait a bit and do again, but the revolution speed is not sufficient high to get the bike started (and it's not a jetting or spark plug issue, those are perfect) its really the rpm speed of the start engine that is too low. I am considering checking my start-engine and take it apart. QUESTION what do I need to remove to get it out or at least check the carbon brushes. The pipe, the carb what else? Do I need to remove the engine out of the frame? Please assist me what I need to take off the bike and also if any special tools are required. Should the specific carbon brushes for the WRF are not for sale here in Brazil, has anyone tried using the brushes of any other more popular bike - Hints and suggestions are most welcomed!
  4. Robert_Brazil

    battery or start engine brushes issue?

    The battery is brand-new and of good make (OEM manufacturer) yet 5Ah. If the start-engine needs to be overhauled, is this not just a matter of buying a set of new brushes on the OEM ThumperTalk site $20 isn't it . What are typical sympthoms if the brushes are worn? Anyone?
  5. My WR450F has over 220 hours on it, but still runs strong, yet now I have starting issues. One year ago I replaced the original YUASA battery 6.3 Ah for another one (also Yuasa 6.3aH). I always connect it to a battery tender but it seemed that the battery lately has lost substantial energy, whic surprised me as the battery was fairly new. The cost for a new one OEM battrey in Brazil is ($300) believe it or not. Friends of mine that ride Honda 450s has successfully changed their batteries for OEM 5Ah, batteries so I followed their advise and bought an OEM Honda battery, that has the same size, but only slightly less power 5.0Ah vs 6.3Ah. The battery was activated yestyerday, but when I connected it, unfortunately the bike continues almost impossible to start (clearly lacking power to turn the cranckshaft at sufficient rpm) not as a result of poor jetting, my bike kickstarts easily. QUESTION: does anyone have experience with a good 5Ah on a WR450F? Does this work? Or are my brushes of the starting engine worn? Please help, I have a race this weekend and would like to get my bike ready.
  6. Robert_Brazil

    Water from hole in cylinder head?

    Washed my bike yesterday and when starting and inspecting all, I noticed that a bit of liquid was coming out of the right side of the cylinder head (small hole in the center middle) is this just water from the washing or indicates some kind of internal leak in the cooling system? If so what should i do?
  7. Robert_Brazil

    wr seat is a pain in my butt

    What about those new ACERBIS seats, anyone tested those:
  8. Robert_Brazil

    08 WR450 Suspension

    So your SAG is 100mm, what is the FREE SAG (the distance between full extended and bike in resting position WITHOUT rider) this should be between 18 to 32 mm. If your free SAG is more than 32 mm your rear shock is too stiff
  9. Robert_Brazil

    wr seat is a pain in my butt

    I agree that the stock WRF seat sucks, before selling my YZ2006 I swapped the foam and placed also half an inch of hard foam under it, which raises the seat height which better suits my riding style (I~m 6 ft 1). The YZ foam is much more gelly feeling. As the WRF has a battery you cannot simply swap the seats, you must keep the base and cut some foam from under the YZ foam, where the WRF~battery is placed. I also put some extra material on the seat cover which was required to compensate for the height increase. My bike is much better now.
  10. There is more choice amongst YZF decals that WRF, can anyone tell me if the main YZF decals will fit my WRF (same year)? Thanks
  11. I just took my 1 month old WR450F for the 4th time out on a ride with my friends. Meanwhile riding I noticed that my front brake lever started losing that free tolerance of a few milimeters and that the brake pads started dragging on the disc. It seemed as it was pumping up. I stopped and bled the front caliper which helped to solve the problem (the free tolerance returned immediately) however after a few minutes the problem returned. The brake itself worked very well, there was no sign of air in the hose, nor did I over brake or caused the front brake to overheat, just normal enduro riding. I repeated the bleeding steps a couple of times , 4 or 5 or so, until my brake cylinder became empty, without being able to solve this nasty problem. What is causing this problem?:? The brake lever is not pushing the cylinder, I already checked that. Its actually a AVS lever that can return all the other way around. I am wondering whether the oil fluid perphas was no good. I had it changed just before the problem occurred, but done in a very professional shop. Anyone that has an idea what happened?
  12. Robert_Brazil

    07 wr450 exhust will it fit a 05 model?

    Nice decals where can I buy these? On that last picture, it seems that you could make a small support of about an inch and screw a bolt to that fixation point. What year is your bike? 07?
  13. Robert_Brazil

    06 Ti-pipe on Aluminum frame

    Enabling Instant e-mail reply here
  14. Robert_Brazil

    06 Ti-pipe on Aluminum frame

    So I have this beautiful complete Titanium Pro-Circuit exhaust system here sitting on my shelf (cost me US$850 in 2006) designed for the steel frame (until ´06) which I used on my old bike. I already know that it does not fit my new WR450F 2008. I now run the Pro Billet insert with the OEM pipe on my 08 (certainly not bad and still nicely silent), yet I wonder what it takes to adjust the 2006 ProCircuit Ti-4 to my 2008, bike, has any McGuiver here already adjusted it? What does it take? just rewelding the fixation points or does the pipe not pass certain curves? Another option for me would be to keep the OEM muffler (with PB insert) and just substitute the front (curve). Any advice? Tks!
  15. Robert_Brazil

    WR vs YZ spring rates (2008 models)

    I just swapped the YZF (Titanium) spring for the new WRF (metal) spring (selling the YZF now), the shock rates are similar, the YZF is lighter (no water reservoir, battery, heavy muffler etc). The Titanium spring is more responsive (besides being lighter). http://www.coilspring.com/performance/why_titanium/ What makes the YZF feel better to is the seat (lighter density foam and bigger (higher)foam bed, due to absence of battery). I =swapped the foam too and added 2 cm high density foam under the seat. Great result and also corrects for my height 1.82 cm) I can send a picture if I know how to add such