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  1. jviz1

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    Slightly off topic, but word of caution on Lectron. The 2 clear tubes that hang down, reroute at least one of them, maybe both higher. A buddy riding my xtrainer, went through a 4" deep puddle, maybe 20' long and at speed, and resulting water spray got sucked into the carb, pretty sure through the drain tubes (which just hung down). Bike immediately went to full throttle, couldn't kill with kill switch, killed it with rear brake. Luckily it was only at full throttle for few sec, was killed pretty quickly. Drained the water from float bowl by pulling tube that runs from float bowl to power jet, allowing bowl to drain. Also pulled the slide, cleaned the needle in case of grid/dirt from muddy water, but has run perfectly since. I've since rerouted the drain lines higher.
  2. jviz1

    My custom under bar Steering Stabilizer Mount

    Thats the Fastaway clamp.
  3. jviz1

    My custom under bar Steering Stabilizer Mount

    The bar clamp? That's a Zeta hand guard bar clamp mount, along with Zeta handguards. They been solid over 60 hours-ish, many tipovers. I've used Cycra's handgaurd with u-clamp on all my past bikes, but this bike came with the Zeta's, haven't had a reason to replace them.
  4. jviz1

    4t stabilizer question

    See this link below for a simple under bar damper mount that I got from Dan. This mount does allows all three bar positions, while the BRP only allows the rear and middle positions (least that's how i recall it).
  5. jviz1

    To Lectron or not to Lectron

    Regarding rubbing, it only rubs at full extension. Past that, it doesnt touch. I dont even check mine anymore.
  6. jviz1

    To Lectron or not to Lectron

    I ran one for on '15 300rr for 200 hours, and then moved it over to '18 300rr which is at about 50 hours now. Tried the '18 300rr with the stock carb again, but prefer the softer, more linear power of the lectron on the low end. The fuel econony and elevation benefits are bonuses. But mine is the 36mm one, not not the 38mm HV one
  7. jviz1

    Show me your...BETA !

    Hmm, I must have pocket posted on cell phone, don't recall indenting to make any comments.. too late to clean up now, edit has lasped.
  8. jviz1

    48mm sachs OC fork modification

    Working out of state at moment, cant measure it, but pretty sure it was 24" long.
  9. jviz1

    48mm sachs OC fork modification

    I made this holder out of PVC pipe I had laying around. No measurement taken, just eyeballed it, made the cuts via hacksaw, then broke those tabs out via plyers. drilled a hole on far end to put screwdriver through it to keep from spinning. Took about 3 minutes to make this holder. Worked great.
  10. jviz1

    P-Tech Pipe Guard & FMF Fatty

    I just installed the p-tech guard this evening, and curious if anyone is using the large clamps that came with guard? Anyone noticed vibration from skidplate without the clamps?
  11. jviz1

    Colorado Meet Up and B.S.

    How was Capt Jack's, snow covered? Whole loop passable? Thinking of doing it this Saturday.
  12. jviz1

    My custom under bar Steering Stabilizer Mount

    Here's a link to previous comment on mxt: I now have 35 hours on it, my thoughts in old post are still accurate, outside I'd like it a bit plusher in rock gardens. Pulling the forks off tonight, dropping it off at Endurospec tomorrow for a revalve.