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  1. Eric1231

    New to scramble racing

    Thanks the advice Kaos I will have some extra googles setup and fuel in pit stop area. What else would you recommend for the pit stop area?
  2. Eric1231

    New to scramble racing

    What's your strategy when racing a hair scramble? What I am asking is this I know I can nail a dead engine start. Last year I raced an hour long race where half it was on motocross and the other half was on curvy wide trail portion. Any ways I would always be in the top 5 and most of the time in the top 3 coming to the first turn. My problem was my conditioning I would fade back at the 45 minute mark. Any ways when you ride a hairscramble the track is unknow to the riders it appears? Do you pace your self on the first lap to watch those in front show you the course? Or just go for it? I assume racing will not be as intense from the start since it is more of distance event.
  3. Eric1231

    New to scramble racing

    Is camelback nessary? Do you notice the extra weight of the camelback when riding?
  4. I having racing a little a motocross. But this year I am going to try to race a couple races in the oxcr series and I know very little about hair scrambles. My first question is how do they do the starts. They have all the big bike classes listed as starting at the same time. I am assuming they are doing waves based on skill level. Second on the past results page they showed lap times and nobody I saw had a last lap past 1:58:00 do they stop letting people run another lap if there is no way they can finish it in under 2hrs. What do I need to race hairscrambles? I order an oversized tank. But I do not have any other enduro gear or accessories on my yz250
  5. Eric1231

    Hand guards

    So there is really no comprise? I only want them hairscramble racing but didn't want to take them off for Mx. The wrap around scare me for Mx racing. I am afraid that my wrist will get caught during crash.
  6. Eric1231

    Hand guards

    What hand guards would you recommend for motocross and hairscrambles?
  7. Eric1231

    Looking for a hydration pack

    I looked at ogio which model do you reccomend? Does it work well with a Leatt brace?
  8. Eric1231

    Oversized gas tank for an 09 yz250

    I looked on zip Ty site the only thing I seen was Ims tanks
  9. I am looking for a hydration system to race a 2 hr hairscramble. I wear a Leatt brace so I was looking at the Leatt h3 hydration system. Please give me some input on some hydration systems that work good with a Leatt brace. What kind of fluid capacity should have for this duration?
  10. I am looking to get an oversized gas tank for my 09 yz 295 to race a local hair scramble series. What brand do you guys reccomend? What size would you reccomend for a 2hr 15min range?
  11. Eric1231

    Yz295 build

    I just got my more better yz295 kit back . What are you guys running for gear ratios and jet sizes? I will be using it for Mx in the sand.
  12. Eric1231

    Compress check readings

    What is considered a healthily range
  13. Eric1231

    Compress check readings

    09 I forgot to hold the throttle wide open maybe that is the reason the reading is low
  14. Eric1231

    Compress check readings

    What is the reccomended compression readings for a yz250 . Mine is reading 150 psi it has 40hrs of racing on the hour meter.
  15. Eric1231

    Race gas

    Do you guys mix race gas in with your normal gas. I was at a Yamaha test event and the rep recommended doing it with a stock bike. I think he recommended 1 gallon of race gas with 5 gallons of regular gas. Does this sound right? What type of race gas would you recommend?