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  1. Carter2

    New Bike Mods?

    I got a new 2013 KTM150SX in August, and I am going to set it up for motocross. I have a list of stuff that i am going to do to it, and just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. -FMF Exhaust System -Chain and Sprockets Set(Probably Renthal) Going two teeth up in the rear. -Brake Pedal( Hammer Head) I trashed the stock one and its killing my clutch cover. -Sending my Suspension to Factory Connection. -Grips Thats all I have so far. Any suggestions? Much Appreciated. This will be my first serious motocross bike that i will try and race.
  2. Carter2

    Cheap sprockets?

    Thanks will check them out
  3. Does anybody know some real cheap sprockets? I'm messing with my sprocket sizes to see what I like the most.
  4. Carter2

    2t gear oil?

    I have a 13 150sx and in the manual it says I should put 15w 50 in it I have used belray gear saver 80w for my other bikes was wondering if its ok to use with this one and what are the opinions on the different weight oils and how they change the riding.
  5. Carter2

    Good race fuel for 2 stroke?

    Thanks for the extra info, but I was already thinking about running higher octane fuel anyways since most people seam to say the let they usually have in it will help the life of my engine and im looking to get all the power i can out of this thing.
  6. Carter2

    Good race fuel for 2 stroke?

    Thanks for the help I will check with my local polaris dealer and see what they say.
  7. I have a 2013 KTM150SX and premium pump gas isn't doing it for me. So i need to get some good high octane fuel, but i don't even know where to start. I always just ran premium pump in my 09 KX100 was fine. Not so with this KTM, and it says minimum 98 octane in the manual and I can only find like 93, 94. I don't need anything crazy or too expensive just at least 98 octane.
  8. Carter2

    Power falls flat?

    The thing is it had a 185 I believe then I put a 188 to lean then a 190 better still lean and now a 200 and the power falls off uptop way sooner than with the 188 190 but its not running lean or rich anymore appears just right insulator on the plug is a nice mocha color
  9. Carter2

    Power falls flat?

    I have a brand new 13 KTM150SX and I put a 200 main jet in it because it was too lean it had a 180 it is like 40 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit around here right now and it seams like the top end on my bike has fallen flat I could go all the way to wop and it pulled all the way through and now it falls of about 3/4 of the way there. I'm confused help please much appreciated
  10. Carter2

    Creative Uses for Old Helmets

    Put one were you would put a star or whatever on top of a Christmas tree
  11. I am 100% sure that my suspension is too stiff for my weight. I am going to put new springs in it. What I would like to know is, how would my suspension being too stiff effect my cornering at the motocross track? Also, what bad effects can having too stiff of suspension cause? I want to know mostly because I cornered horribly while riding today, and when I get on my buddy's bike I corner just fine. I have a bone stock 2013 KTM150SX and my buddy has the 2012 KTM150SX with minor mods like a FMF pipe, but he has softer spring rates. So I believe the bad cornering I am experienceing is from my suspension, but I want to make sure.
  12. Carter2

    150rb or KX100 for supermini

    Both good bikes. I prefer the KX100 over the CRF150RB. KX100 is a bit faster if you ride it right in my opinion anyways. I have a 09 KX100 and my buddy has a 07 CRF150RB and we were about even skilled when we still rode them and my KX would always pull the CRF.
  13. Carter2

    Lame car?

    Hey man, or woman you didn't capitalize the T in the. Isn't it fun to contradict yourself by the way I'm poor Yahh ,and I live in a box with nothing but my KTM and a wrench. Ummm what else....why dud anay body done cared ifs ima spoiled rich ked er not I mean what does it have to do with anybody else if I choose to be a rich snobby kid or not. I mean for all you know I could be a poor kid. Definetly not typing on the iPhone 4S right now but actually typing on a 10 year old computer running windows 98. The point is why is everybody dogging on me man. I just asked for people's opinions on a vehicle. They is no need for critisizm here. Why can't we be friends! Why can weeee be friends!!! Well I'm bored so duces.(;
  14. Carter2

    Lame car?

    Ahhhh but I'm having fun