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  1. Robert

    All balls front wheel bearings.

    Nothing wrong with SKF they're a quality brand! As for Allballs kits, you get what you pay for in general. Their prices are reasonable for what you get, most oem prices are a joke!!
  2. Robert

    XR400 suspension, where to start?

    Best looking XR I've seen Jeff 👍 Health to Ride 👍👍
  3. Robert

    XR400 suspension, where to start?

    Great looking bike 👍 Are the forks Ohlins units?
  4. Robert


    Anyone know where I can see a manual for a 2005 YZ450F on line?
  5. Robert

    Shock question.

    Hi guys, I'm just checking something here with this question.Can you tell me what colour the cover round the rear shock rebound screw is on your 2005 YZ450F. (Black or silver).
  6. Robert

    '04 YZ450 in the woods

    How do you guys find the YZ suspension in the woods & trail? Did you have to revalve?
  7. Robert

    Yamaha Suspension.

    Anyone know what the differences are between a 2005 WR250F and a 2005 YZ450F rear shock? Can I use the 450 shock in my WR?
  8. Robert

    Rear Shocks.

    Anyone know what the shock lengths are for the different years/models? Cheers.
  9. Robert

    06 wr250f powerband question

    I had a Dr.D on my 280 and it was awesome! Doesn't meet the noise regs over here though and I now have the Leo which is quite a good compromise.
  10. Robert

    Rear Shocks.

    Anyone know if a 450 shock will fit the 250? I can get a 450 shock cheap and would like to know if it will fit. Cheers. Robert.
  11. Robert

    Cylinder Changes?

    Hi guys, I've got a cylinder of a 2003 model and intend big boring it and fitting it to my 2005 model. Will it fit ok? or has there been any changes to cylinders over the years?
  12. Robert

    06 wr250f powerband question

    That guy has it nailed. CC's are the only way. I had a 280 kit on my '01 and it was excellent. Gonna try the 263 Wiseco on my '05 to see how that works.
  13. 13/52 works best. 13/50 is good fortrail riding. When going for anything other than 13/52 the gap between 2nd & 3rd is too tall!!
  14. Robert

    coolored silicone hoses

    Check out GMX Radiators in the UK!
  15. Robert

    any irish people out der??

    I'm only teazing. Good luck buddy.