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  1. Run the xcw brake light with Sicass turn signals. I dont think there is a better combo available. It unfortunately took me going through 3 sicass assemblies over a couple years to finally learn to make the switch.
  2. johnrunner89

    500 people’s comments

    A 500exc is truly a do it all bike, regardless of model year. So much nicer ride then my gutless 350exc (which was way more tiring and harder to ride on single track!)and it made me get rid of my 2stroke too. So frustrating when I’d come up to a steep rocky climb and I didn’t get a good enough start with the 350exc and it would fall flat on its face. The new 17’+ body styles really aren’t much lighter and I wasn’t blown away after taking one out on the trail. Great bike but felt almost identical to my 14’. But they don’t come with a kick starter assembly, which I need and have ended having to use multiple times. And when you add that assembly (and swap a 12-16’ 500exc to a lithium battery) the two model weights are almost the same. Ktm just tried taking credit for big weight savings when it was just them taking away parts then trying to charge $300 after for it. I’ve owned multiple dual sports, from 250’s (actually 230cc since I had a 230l back in the day) and up. None do it all and give me a smile like my 500exc. But it all depends on riding style and terrain. If I needed a bike for the most gnarly ST, I’d go 300 2smoke for the lightest most flickable and torquiest ride I could get. My typical riding consist of two track, ride roads, high elevation passes and single track, a nice mix of everything. That’s where the 500 shines, being capable of doing everything well. People should just ride what suits them. If they are a jack of all trades and want a bike to do it all, a 500 is king.
  3. johnrunner89

    2016 500 EXC has too much power

    Gear it properly, 14/50 is what I ran for 5k miles on my 500exc. From my experience, It will make it a gentle giant by allowing you to ride in one or two gears higher but have torque to get through what you need to. It made much easier and less exhausting to ride then my 350exc, which I ended up selling.
  4. johnrunner89

    Can a kick starter break the case?

    My buddies 08 mx bike kicked back so hurt his foot/ankle so bad he was out of riding for months. Our modern KTM bikes now have auto decomoression/reverse decompression mechanisms to prevent that block back now. I think back then some bikes came with the manual decompression levers (little lever near clutch) but most guys I rode with that had them never used em for some reason.
  5. johnrunner89

    Can a kick starter break the case?

    I wouldn’t own a bike with out a kick start. I’ve owned a 13’ 350exc and been on 14’ 500exc the the last 5 years (got it after release in 13) and back then both came from the factory with kick starters. I guess the last few years they haven’t unfortunately. On two different occasions i had my battery die on each bike. The kick starter saved me. My 500 usually kick starts no problem, and I’m not a big or tall guy, the 350 actually seemed harder to get going even though the compression was lighter. I’ll say this though, with a dead battery, you’ll be kicking for who knows how long before you’ll even build up enough juice for the bike to fire. Bump starting is a better alternative but that can pose challenges within itself at times. In my instances, I used a capacitor (sold by a member on this forum) to connect to my battery terminal and it acted as the temporary battery. The bike kick started no problem with that capacitor on there. Everyone I ride with immediately began learning the importance of a capacitor and a kick starter for those unfortunate scenarios. Lastly a couple years back on an annual Colorado trip, we were doing some of the scenic passes and came across a decent water crossing. It took down multiple guys in our group. My brother (rides a 500exc too) went down and his bike took in water. And when your up at 12-13k feet up and far away from highways and up there storms strike out of nowhere, you got to be able to fix it quick. I pulled his tank and spark plug and with the kick starter we kicked all the water out. After drying the air filter, bike fired up no problem. Another win for the kick starter there in my opinion. Just like the tools we carry on our bikes or in our packs, a kick starter isn’t needed, till it’s needed.
  6. johnrunner89

    Scorpion or EarthX battery?

    I’m going on 5 Years with my shorai. Have accidentally left the headlight on a couple times and completely drained it. A jump start or recharge using their own brand charger other times brought it back to life. So keep them in mind too. I will say in cold weather, the shorai isn’t happy. I use the electric start in conjunction with the kick start and it fires right up. That’s usually in temps under 40-50 degrees. Never ridden in temps under 20 degrees but it was fine that low.
  7. johnrunner89

    Ktm 450 exc going to higher altitude

    My 500exc does fine all the way to 14k feet, haven’t found a trial to take me higher yet. Just because it doesn’t have a closed loop sensor doesn’t mean it doesn’t compensate for elevation. Our USA version bikes come with a MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor, just like some vehicles come with. http://www.aa1car.com/library/map_sensors.htm oh and to the OP, I didn’t bother adjusting my carbs all the way to 6k feet, never really had an issue.
  8. Reshim for a couple dollars and call it a day. On my 350exc, and 500exc I've only had to have valves reshimmed once per bike. Both times they were the same exhaust valve as you mentioned and both were tight as yours. It's been about 3000 miles since that last one and so far so good. I wouldn't worry to much about it
  9. I've been running the cheap KTM skid plate with the quick detach mount on my 500exc the last 4 years and it's held up good so far. Ran the same one on my 350exc before that. Not as beefy as a metal one but it's done it's job with minimal weight added.
  10. johnrunner89

    Handlebar position??

    I used the Scott Sub with rubber bushings installed (I run red ones which I believe is medium and blue are the softer ones). Unless it's a placebo affect I think both the stabilizer and submount help me a lot, especially at a decent speed with helping minimize deflection feelings. The stabilizer has an on the fly knob to tighten and loosen as you please. You can damn near lock your bars straight for fast sand washes and free them up completely for nasty single track. It was an expensive add on but one of those things that would be hard to ride without after getting used to it.
  11. johnrunner89

    Handlebar position??

    Same bike as you and same height, I run bars in furthest position from me with a Scott's sub mount to raise them 1". This was mainly because the bars felt to close to me when riding while standing, now it's way more comfortable. These 500's vibrate a lot, I've noticed that from day one, I even put gel insoles in my boots because of felt vibration through the pegz. I think adjusting how firm you hold the grips might help. Or I think they sell some type of vibration canceling bar inserts, maybe those will help.
  12. johnrunner89

    Ktm 500

    Yup, my light came on at 105 miles this past week, made it another 5 to the gas station too, 14' 500exc geared 14/50. You should get AT LEAST 80 per tank assuming you weren't in a race.
  13. johnrunner89

    2018 KTM EXC-F 350 vs Beta RR-S 390

    I came off a 250 2stroke setup for trail riding, and got the 350exc. It handled good, but not quite as light as my 2smoke. After a year and a half with it, I got tired of lack of torque with the 350exc. Got a 500exc now and sold the 350exc. Couldn't be happier. If you want 2smoke nimbleness, the newer 300 2smokes are awesome! If you want a 4 stroke, i would recommend get the 500 as a do it all bike unless you don't mind constant aggressive riding, since the 350 produces most its power in the mid to high RPM range. Anything above 5-8mph (95% of riding) my 500 was every bit as nimble as the 350. If your set on a smaller displacement 4stroke, the beta 390 would be my choice for a gruntier option over the 350.
  14. johnrunner89

    how do you secure your 500 exc?

    Garage it, and when out on trips, I have taken mine into hotel rooms with me before. I just give the front desk a heads up first, and they have always been okay with it as long as i use a sheet I bring with me to cover the carpet. Above all, get insurance that covers theft! You can even get the adtermarket stuff covered for a tiny bit more, or some insurances cover up to a certain amount free! Insurance costs me what one or two fast food meals would cost a month, definently not worth going without.
  15. Furthest I've done on my 500exc was about a 1000 miles on an annual ptrip through Colorado, over about a week and a half. I bring standard trail side repair stuff, but as far as extra parts, only a spare wheel that stays in town just in case I crack a rim. I usually do a service before the trip starts though. Unless you know how to install all the parts you mentioned, and have someway to transport them with you everywhere you go, they don't do any good.