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  1. mxmike117

    Is it just me or did the price if 952's go up?

    HAHA you guys kill me. You can expect your Dunlops to rise another 8% by March.
  2. mxmike117

    Im BACK

    Well after A year and a half switch to street riding/track days on my 08 zx10 I sold her and picked me up an 09 kx450. Missed the moto scene and that compeition felling, that gets expensive on a sportbike. Took her out to red rock mx this past weekend in texas. Man shes a beast, but damn that stock suspension sucks, its deff going to need some work. If anyone else wants that diagram of the tensioner tool shoot me a pm. Think I must have had 15 people asking for it in the inbox.
  3. mxmike117

    Is green the way to go?

    Nope stay away from it.
  4. mxmike117

    K&N review

    race teams are using them. Like Destroy Abbot, look how much his stuff is blowing up. Ive ran them, and was very displeased with it. Dont waist your money....
  5. mxmike117

    K&N review

    it was nice to clean. But the damn thing lets dirt through......... Next time you do a top end, take a look at your cylinder walls. Infact, smear some grease on the inside of your airboot before applying the filter, then take a look at it next time you clean the K&N, youll see fine dust....
  6. mxmike117

    New graphic pic

    he can have his number back once he teachs me to lay it flat over the triples......
  7. mxmike117

    New graphic pic

    you have to click on it two times to make it appear clearly..
  8. mxmike117

    Some pics of the 07450 at the Glacier

    yea i lived up there from 98-2003. I rode a kawi 125 number 79. then got off that piece of shiat kawi to a yamaha 125 to number 117. Jerry is a good guy, always had something nice to say. That track was by far one of the best ive riden, and ive riden with Voss at cycle ranch tx and talked with him and had him say that cycle ranch is the best track in the country...
  9. mxmike117

    Some pics of the 07450 at the Glacier

    yea I used to live up in Fairbanks and head to the north pole track almost every day after work and ride till almost midnight. It was great.
  10. mxmike117

    Some pics of the 07450 at the Glacier

    Im heading back to Alaska from texas in about six months. Damn im thinking my ass should stay here now...... That new yamaha sled does look pretty tempting though, the one with the two 250f motors in it.
  11. mxmike117

    2007 Kawasaki Kx450f $400 Reduced

    its only 250 on the 250f though...
  12. mxmike117

    2007 Kawasaki Kx450f $400 Reduced

    Nope there is also a rebate on the 250f 07......
  13. mxmike117

    Anyone Know

    True, but what are you gonna do when the things two weeks old and grenades. Always try to biuld a good relationship with your dealer, youd be suprised what most will do for ya.
  14. mxmike117

    backfire screen jetting

    I know, thats why i took that damn expensive ass thing off.