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  1. looking at getting my kid a dirtbike to start riding need some 50cc suggestions. I have been leaning toward the crf50 or should i get a pw50
  2. evil250f


    i run 80wt in mine works great
  3. evil250f

    What do I do with my old tires?

    I do the same thing
  4. evil250f

    Central Ohio Riders

    not entirely true I always rode at wayne with no sticker never once had a problem
  5. evil250f

    Central Ohio Riders

    more then likely yes because it will be a out of state frame
  6. evil250f

    Need wider pegs

    I love my fastways feet glued and never slip
  7. evil250f

    Central Ohio Riders

    get on ebay and buy a frame with a title will be the easiest
  8. evil250f

    Central Ohio Riders

    welcome i am from the Delaware area myself by s. section line and st rt 42s I am currently building a practice track and a wood's trail loop out by my place i do know of a couple of other spots but 4x4 trucks have gotten to them so current condition is unknown
  9. evil250f

    Mechanic in Columbus oh area

    what kind of carb work needs done i am in delaware 15 miles south of columbus and would be willing to help you do the carb work that needs done pm you my number
  10. evil250f

    Faded plastic gas tank

    the fumes from the gas would eat the paint up and make it look like crap
  11. evil250f

    For those with tracks....

    where at in Florida do you live I have a brother in Pensacola area I will be heading down soon to vist him and would love to ride your place I would even do a couple nights of security watch
  12. evil250f

    Cylinder works Hi Comp

    93 is good for 13.5:1 compression
  13. evil250f

    Scoping lines and dropping dimes!

    damn ktm people just won't get over................. oooopppps you where on one also just messin with ya good riding especially taking out that little tree while you where all ticked off.
  14. evil250f

    Indoor tracks in michigan

    here is what ohio has heres another http://www.earlywineracing.com/ another http://www.nemx.webpointusa.com/ another http://ramjamsportsplex.com/ another http://www.bighornindoormx.com/