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  1. A AP pump cover will do nothing. That only concerns the acclerator pump circuit, which is when only the throttle is bliped. A needle will do nothing. This concerns the 1/4 throttle to 3/4 throttle circuit. You need to go up with a pilot jet. Also, spray wd 40 around the carb boot and anything that that could leak air past the airbox. If the idle jumps up, there is the leak!
  2. Get a ramp, and set it on the tailgate. Use your stand as a step. Place the stand on the left hand side, where you think you will push (halfway between the tailgate and the end of the ramp, and about a foot away from the ramp). Then just run, push up the ramp, and use the stand as a step to get into the bed. Easy as pie. Should be easier for you, since your truck isn't lifted. I have a lifted Taco and it can get a little tough after a long day.
  3. 230F

    Anyone Running the WB E2?

    I don't run it, but they do stick out far. I dunno bout you, but how far a pipe sticks out is a large factor to me. One fall and your can can be ruined??? I'll take the other exhausts out there.
  4. First of all, the Diff drop kits do NOTHING. That's right, nothing. Reason? It rotates the diff. You ahve the back mount, which is the pivot, and you are dropping the front mounts 1". The CV's are close to the pivot point. It's going to take a lot more drop do do anything before you will see any difference. That being said, do not get a diff drop. Waste of time and money, and now your diff mounts are more suseptable to damage. On my 01 Tacoma, I cranked my SAW's to the point where the fins of the cv's are JUST touching. I lowered the front diff mounts 2". The fins were pretty much in the same exact spot. The only options are: Downey High Angle Boots ORS High Angle Boots ORS OE Replacements (Same PN as the downeys) CV Unlimited High angle boots (call and ask for them) Manual hub conversion. Manual hubs are great, the cv's do not spin when driving, when you lock them, they will spin, and allow you to use 4wd. The pards needed are as follows: The hubs itself Spindle Man hub cv's Or, just lower down to 2.5". High angle boots will still wear out. BTW, this is 250Thumpher speaking...
  5. 230F

    hi everyone....

    Hey there! Welcome to TT. South, Florida here but hoping to move to the bay area for college
  6. 230F

    Riders in Florida

    Are there any riders here in South Florida, near the okeechobee/palm beach/orlando area? Im wanting to start out soon, but i need to find people who ride too and would be willing to help me out or give me some tips. Sucks cause I live near the beach where nobody really rides and just cares about surfing. My exact location is Stuart, Florida & i will be 17 in January. Hopefully there are some willing riders wanting to help me out. -Kel
  7. 230F

    how to let my girlfriend off easy?

    If you really feel the way you do and need a break to hook up with other girls and to see what else is out there, than do it. You're just afraid of hurting her, but truth is, the longer you stay with her, the more attached she will get and the more hurt she will be when you do it. Just do what your heart tells you to do. If you choose to never see her again, she'll get over it eventually. -Kel
  8. 230F

    New Thumpette

    Props on being faster than him, maybe someday I can be as fast as both of ya and yep, he definately is a great guy!
  9. 230F

    New Thumpette

    Thanks for the help everyone! I'll definately check out the SE forum. Croacker: when i do start riding, i'm most likely sure it'd be a crf230 Firecracker: i havent tried it yet, i had the chance to when i went riding with Phill, but i chickened out, but this time i'm being real serious about it and i want to really learn. Thanks again, you all rock
  10. 230F

    New Thumpette

    I know some people will recognize this user name, it use to be Phill's (my boyfriend) but he changed it to 250Thumpher now. So he passed it down to me since I'm really interested in getting into dirtbiking. Is there any one living in the South Florida area that would know of good places to go riding (preferably around the Okeechobee area, or between Miami and Orlando)? Maybe we could go riding and someone give me tips on how to get started on riding. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. 230F

    Any thumpettes here still in HS?

    Close enough to mine. Yells out brap and wants to ride. Now if she could just wash my bike with her bikini on Hmmm, Phil, maybe she wants you to do something for her in return
  12. 230F

    Carnegie on the 24th?

    Sounds good. I'll keep you posted. Crash, you may want to call carnegie to verify there's going to be a race...
  13. 230F

    bed liner covered gas tank

    Instead of putting grip tape on the frame, have them spray the part where your boot rubs... I dunno if you said that already though, sounds like you did... I dunno, I think doing the tank is going too far, but that's just me.
  14. 230F

    Using Brake in air without clutch?

    I have before on my bike. I just tapped it, it slowed it down so that it rolled really slow. Right before you land, blip the throttle so that it's a smooth landing.
  15. 230F


    I regreased the linkage on my 230 a week ago and was surprised to find hardly any grease in it! Dealers are such &%$#@! when it comes to greasing. When I get the YZF tomorrow I'm greasin like mad hell.