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  1. 03-05 are the same frame and engine. The 03-06 WR450F also has the same frame.
    This is the best bike I've owned to date. I love it's cornering manners, power delivery and the electric start is the best.
  2. EGPeil

    KTM 450 SX-F (2013)


    This is the best bike I've owned to date. I love it's cornering manners, power delivery and the electric start is the best.
  3. I have an 05 as well but I also have an 06. I also have 2 bigbore kits for the 05. I wanted to put one of them on the 06 but was told it wouldn't work - cases are different so the cylinder isn't the same. Are you sure you got an 06 bigbore kit?
  4. Find an e-Line stator for the 03-05 YZ450F and you don't need to change the crank or cases. e-Line doesn't make them any more so you have to watch eBay or post something here looking for one - that's how I found one.
  5. Thanks guys - I got the 06 real cheap. I also have an 03 that has been upgraded with 05 suspension and lots of personalized stuff. I actually have 2 big bore kits - a new Athena and this slightly used GYTR - which I think is also Athena but not completely sure. So I may look for someone with an 05 that wants to trade for my 06 - want to setup 1 for Baja and 1 for MX.
  6. I have been converting an 03 YZ450F to desert for a Baja run (hopefully). I picked up an eLine stator from a TT user - they are the best option for the 03-05 YZ450Fs - 200w output. I also have a Baja Designs lighting kit which I'm told works very well with the eLine stator. I don't know if eLine is still producing those stators - the WR450 stators will not bolt onto the YZs without a crank and maybe more paraphernalia.
  7. I picked up an 06 YZ450F real cheap and from a different party I picked up an almost new GYTR big bore kit for an 05 YZ450F. The later party bought it for his 05 and it was too much for him so he reinstalled the stocker and then sold the 05 but forgot about the big bore kit so he gave it to me. I am wondering if that 05 big bore kit will fit an 06 and if not can it be machined to fit? Eric:banghead:
  8. I just noticed that at the Glenn Helen 12 hr endurance race this June 28th there is 50+ Ironman sportsman & pro classes.
  9. EGPeil

    GPS on the 450X

    I am monitoring this thread as a YZ450F rider (don't hate me) and don't have a battery although I do now have an ELine 200w stator. Could I wire this along with my light after the regulator and keep batteries in my eTrex for when the bike is shut off?
  10. Grayracer - don't know yet that Baja is my thing. I have been racing amateur MX for over 35 yrs but never a desert race of any kind. Always wanted to do the Baja so I have my 03 YZF. If I like Baja then I will definately look at a 07 WR (1st yr for alum frame on WR right?).
  11. Thanks Gray - I have an 03 w/ an ELine - was wondering in case I upgrade to an 06+. It seems the Honda CRFX's are the hot tip in Baja but I am a Yamaha guy so regardless I'll stick with the Yamahas, hope ELine makes on for the 06+. P.S. Is there anything you don't know about YZFs?
  12. swatdoc or grayracer - what about the ELine external stators? I see on ELine's website their stator is only listed for 03 - 05 YZ450Fs - did Yamaha change the 06+ in the ignition such that the ELine stator can't be used?
  13. I have an 03 YZ450F - the ELine stator is a complete case/cover and the stator electronics are external (to the flywheel). Can't answer for Trailtech but besides the Moose (which is made by Electro something or another) the ELine is the only one I found and it is Baja proven. New they are $500+ - I got a create deal from a guy on Thumpertalk.
  14. Thanks for everyone's input but I got an ELine 200w stator so I am not concerned anymore about the Moose stator's reliability.
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