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  1. Happy Birthday danielvagn!

  2. danielvagn

    Radiator VS Rock

    To avoid it happens again, I can recommend radiator braces
  3. danielvagn

    Throttle Lube

    The aluminum throttle tubes will all ways, turn a little different than the stock. For lubing the tube, I can recommend using a very light teflon lube, like triflow or simulare. For my bike I have use a special teflon tape on the handlebar, that is very thin and can fit, but I have no idea where to get it, since I got it from my work
  4. danielvagn

    music video

    A couple of weeks ago we got asked to help in a music video on our bikes here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeB4H6-wAXg long set from 2:14 to 2:19 allways fun to help with this kind of things
  5. danielvagn

    YES ! Totaly new CRF450 for 2009 !

    to leave more rumor's Know a Kayaba technician that work for KYB Scandinavian, he said that the 450 would come with their suspension for 09' but what do I know!
  6. danielvagn

    94db coming...

    I'm not sure about the sae, but at the big FIM races they do the sound check like this. About 1 meter behind in a 30 degree angel from the tip of the exhaust, and the bike is reved to around 8000 rpm, and after the heat races, they randomly pick a couple of riders out, and their bikes will be checked again, but for the after race check they are allowed a couple of db's extra. I was just at a European championship with a rider (Nikolaj Larsen) and his bike a RMZ250 with complete Akrapovic exhaust was tested and approved, and the bike is tuned up pretty good. he ended the race at a 2nd place in the euro championship Here in Denmark there is talk about a new sound test they will introduce next year, basicly the bike will be reved to the limiter and messured. They say it will give the most correct reading of the bike, I think it sound a little harsh for the motor.
  7. danielvagn

    Handlebars Which ones????

    The McGrath bend is very nice, but I guess only if you ain't to tall, it's a pretty low bend so be aware of that. I also think they only have the Mc Grath bend as twinwall, so it's not the cheapest, but it last longer
  8. danielvagn

    Danish Helmetcam

    Yeah Jesper is a fast rider, his the current number one in the MX3 class here in Denmark.
  9. danielvagn

    Danish Helmetcam

    yes I havn't tryed this happening when I use it, I'm sure it's because he jumps really hard on jumps like these.
  10. danielvagn

    Danish Helmetcam

    yeah the track is very hard packed, and have reacently been changed, so the jumps aint probably seated. Yes I'm going to Grand Junior next weekend, if you have been there before, they have changed the track completly, basicly changed direction, and all the jumps have been redone (the main track) which class are you in? I'm in the B-250/500
  11. danielvagn

    Danish Helmetcam

    it's my helmetcam setup. the actual camera is of this kind http://www.sportzshot.com/index.php and we use a harddisk recorder. not the cheapest kind, but fairly good
  12. danielvagn

    Danish Helmetcam

    This is recorded at a danish track, a week ago. Hedeland. It's Jesper Kjaer Jorgensen thats driving, still quite fast! European champion in 98 http://videos.streetfire.net/video/Jesper-Kjr-Jrgensen_166066.htm
  13. danielvagn

    Heres a good laugh LOL

    Can tell that in Denmark the price for a bike like this, the manufacture price is 11.000 US$ I know it's crazy, and can't come as a surprise that many people have started to buy their bike in the US
  14. danielvagn

    Twin-Air Bio Oil/Cleaner

    The easy way is to oil your filters, and pack them in a air tight plactic bag, then just wait with the installation when ready to head out. Ofcourse you need to have several filters, to make this a easy idea
  15. danielvagn

    Twin-Air Bio Oil/Cleaner

    First of all I have to respond, please tell me that you ain't so irresponsible, that you poor filter cleaner and oil on the ground Allways care about the inviroment, it takes so little effort to dispose your oil correct, and makes a big differece. next. The Twin Air products are great also the bio clean, which is easier to clean out, and better for the enviroment.